This time we're allowed to have a look inside Sarah's modern interior. Together with her husband and son she lives in a semi-detached house in the Eindhoven area. Sarah moved to Brabant for love and with her husband she has been living in their current home for 6 years now.

Turning housing preferences into reality

A major housing preference of the family was to expand the ground floor. In 2020 they had 25 m2 extended to make their dream kitchen come true. At the same time, they plastered the entire ground floor, gave it a new lick of paint and put in a beautiful PVC floor. There used to be a small sitting area with a compact sofa and TV. The entire layout has now been changed and now features a larger Room108 sofa. By entering the giveaway contest they won a full refund in September 2021.

The space is now fully utilized with a large seating area and a real living-kitchen. Sarah and her husband love to cook but would quickly get in each other's way in their previous kitchen due to lack of space. “The major changes have turned it into a completely different house we thoroughly enjoy!”

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A mix of modern, industrial and Scandinavian living styles

That is how Sarah describes her living style. The natural materials bring a warm touch that is beautifully balanced with the sleek furniture and kitchen. The kitchen is asymmetrical and although her husband usually is totally not into that, it worked out surprisingly well. In addition, they are very happy with the handmade Moroccan tiles which they had especially brought in from Morocco.

The styling of the house is completely in the hands of Sarah and she loves that. Actually so does her husband, as likes every change and fully supports her hobby. Although he is no longer surprised by her doing something one day and already changing it the day after. Sarah loves mood makers such as plaids, candles and cushions. “By varying with that you can easily create a different ambience”.

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Interior shopping during a lockdown

Corner sofa Sophie, upholstered with the Kiss fabric in the color Dolphin, was purchased at Room108 & Gusj Market Eindhoven. “We first visited the showroom twice and knew that we wanted a sofa with fixed cushions anyway. Our plan was not to order the sofa until after the renovation and when that moment came, we were in a lockdown. Through your Instagram page I saw that you went to customers' homes with Room108 On Tour, so we immediately made an appointment!

”Sarah and her husband already knew they wanted the tight model Sophie so the stylists who came to their home brought an element of this model and a wide choice of fabric samples. This allowed them to do another trial sit and match the fabric samples with the rest of their interior. They opted for the natural cotton-linen fabric Kiss in the light gray color Dolphin which nicely suits the dark wall.

“One of the stylists completely measured out the sofa on the floor by laying down tape measures and recommending the size. We assumed we should go for a smaller size, but because of the measuring out on the floor we concluded that a larger size would fit perfectly. We're very happy we trusted the advice of the stylists and are really pleased with our Sophie corner sofa”.

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When the family receives visitors, they like to sit together on the sofa. That's why they opted for an ottoman element instead of a long chair, this way the backrest continues creating extra seating areas. In the beginning they did have to get used to the new sofa as it was a lot firmer than the previous one. Now that corner sofa Sophie has been in use for six months, the seating comfort is as it should be. “Our sofa now sits exactly the right way”. Sarah prefers to cuddle up all nice and cosy in the corner of the ottoman. She likes cocooning with lots of pillows in her back and a warm plaid covering her. This very obviously is her favorite sofa spot.

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Sources of inspiration

Sarah is a make-up artist by trade and next to that really likes to style her interior. She shares this inspiration on her Instagram page and blog House of Sarah. She mainly gets her own inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest. Especially in the beginning she looked for inspiration a lot at big accounts such as House cap. She also follows accounts that showcase a completely different style such as light interiors using mostly white and beige. These inspire her with, for example, material combinations and the layout of a cupboard, which she then applies to her own interior. Meanwhile she also thinks of many adjustments and changes herself now that the base of the interior is entirely complete. She likes to move home accessories and small furniture around. “That always remains fun!”

"Your own house is never finished so we still have plenty of interior wishes". Between the living room and the kitchen, along the long wall, there will be a steel pharmacy cabinet. This has a display part and a closed part, so you can display the beautiful things and store the rest. In addition, refurbishing the garden is also a very big wish of the family. Here they want to make another roof, with a shed and a seating area. So for the time being, there is still plenty to wish for and plenty to look forward to!

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Do you have a Room108 sofa at home and are you willing to let others peek inside your house? Check out our giveaway contest!

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