Do you love watching movies or series, but don't (always) want to leave the house? Bring the movie theatre to your own house and create a home cinema. Furnished in your favorite interior style with, of course, a great seating area.

Stretched out on the sofa

When furnishing your own home cinema, you might think of the well-known red fabric seats. But there really is a completely different way! With lounge sofa Annabelle you create a laid-back yet elegant place to watch your favorite movie. Especially with the Annabelle lazy, a long chair with a 175cm depth. By connecting several of the Annabelle long chairs, you get one large sofa perfect to relax on. The Annabelle tripe lazy for example, shown here upholstered with the fabric Silent Natural.

Style your home theater completely

Style your lounge sofa with beautiful accessories or with an extra element 'in between'. With this element you create, as it were, a space between the different seating parts of your lounge sofa. With a tray on it, it's the ideal place to put your drink. And your bowl of popcorn of course 😉 A large (television) screen and a sound system complete the space!

21. City Chic Lounge Sofa Annabelle Double Lazy Detail

A lounge sofa at your home as well?

Are you curious about what a lounge corner like this would look at your home? These people preceded you! Check out our look book for more inspirational pictures of our sofas at the homes of our clients.

From left to right: Annabelle lazy Adore Niagara 158 / Annabelle lazy Adore Copper 126 / Annabelle lazy Adore Gold / Annabelle lazy Adore hunter 156

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