Dark colors provide contrast and make a room atmospheric. A dark wall is a statement in itself and creates a cozy appearance. You can apply this in almost any style of living, but it is extra beautiful in a luxurious interior. Glam rock it is!

The Glamrock living style with dark colors

A living style is the base of your interior and shows who you are. Choosing a living style is very personal and there are a lot of possibilities. In any case, one thing goes for everyone: you want to feel at home in your own house. Do you want to find out which living style suits you best? Start looking for inspiration, make a mood board based on that, choose your color palette and see how your living style arises! Every living style has its own colors, materials and characteristics. The Glamrock living style looks very luxurious due to the glossy materials and is perfect for using dark colors.

Corner sofa Noelle

Of course it is important to create color contrasts to keep the interior vibrant. This is best done by choosing a lighter shade for items that deserve a little more attention. For example, it works well to put a dark sofa in front of a light wall or placing a light sofa in front of a dark wall. In this set corner sofa Noëlle upholstered with fabric Renegade Liver stands out nicely because of the light-dark contrast with the black wall. Besides this, the styling is completely done in bronze and gold tones which creates a tranquil whole. The luxurious materials make for the glam effect! By using a dark color you really create a very cool interior!

Glamrock Corner sofa Noëlle Detail (large)
Glamrock Corner Sofa Noëlle With Stitching (slanted) (large)
Glamrock Corner Sofa Noëlle With Stitching (large)
Glamrock Corner sofa Noëlle (large)
Glamrock Corner sofa Noëlle (slanted) (large)
Glamrock Corner sofa Noëlle Moodboard (large)
In the picture: Corner sofa Noelle, Carpet Landro 24

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