A small living room is often more difficult to decorate than a large living room, because you are somewhat more limited in choices and space. In a small living room, a straight sofa is usually the best choice. With it the living room can be flexibly arranged and it looks spacious. We will show you the green straight sofa in different versions.

Green straight sofa in a small living room

When choosing a sofa for a small living room, it is important that the comfort and appearance suit your living needs. Do you want to lounge or be active? If you want to lounge, it is nice to have a deeper seat and fluffy seating comfort, but if you want an active seat, then lumbar cushions in the back and firm seating comfort are more pleasant. Pay attention to this when choosing the sofa and come by for trial sitting to test the different types of seating comfort.

In addition, it is good to determine what appearance your sofa should have. Do you prefer high or low legs, a wide or narrow armrest, fixed upholstery or loose cushions? And which material and what color are you going for? Our collection has all these possibilities and you can take your pick from our fabrics, eco-leather and leather types in over 700 colors!

A green sofa brings color into your home in a subtle way and can be combined very well with plants that make for a fresh look. Add the accent color gold to this and your color palette is complete. You can pursue your favorite living style though material use and making certain combinations. To give you a small selection of the different options, we will show you four different green straight sofas.

Sofa Zoe

29. City Chic Sofa Zoë (Large) Cropped

Sofa Zoe has sturdy cushions and stands on low legs, giving it a robust design. The Zoe sofa here is designed as a three and a half seater sofa upholstered with the fabric Fusion in the color Thyme and has a stitching in the back cushions.

Sofa Jolie

15. City Chic Couch Jolie With Sam (big)

Sofa Jolie has special armrests that run from narrow to wide. You can sit actively on the Jolie sofa due to the combination of the seating comfort and the lumbar cushions in the back. Sofa Jolie here is designed as a two-and-a-half seater sofa with a matching footstool in the Adore fabric and the Hunter color.

Sofa Annabelle

19. Luxury Loft Sofa Annabelle Cropped (Large)

Sofa Annabelle has wide armrests and cushions that are finished with clean edges. Annabelle is suitable for both active sitting with lumbar cushions and wonderful lounging when you put the lumbar cushions aside. The Annabelle sofa here is designed as a two-and-a-half seater sofa upholstered with fabric Adore and color Hunter.

Sofa Claire, ideal for a small living room as well 

20. Luxury Loft Sofa Claire (slanted) (large)

Sofa Claire has a slim look thanks to the high legs and narrow armrests. The Claire sofa can be supplied with or without lumbar cushions in the back, so you can sit both actively and lounge comfortably. Sofa Claire here is designed as a three-seater sofa upholstered with fabric Alphine and color Thyme.

The possibilities are enormous

All of these sofas can be supplied in different sizes, materials and colors. Do you need more seats every now and then? Place 1 or 2 beautiful armchairs in the sitting area or opt for a matching footstool. This way you keep enough space for walking. Do you have more space than you think? All these sofas are also available as a corner sofa, u-sofa or living area!

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