Now that the autumn season is in full swing, you want to feel extra warm and comfy at home. Adjusting your interior to the time of year is easy by adjusting or adding certain colors. Our tip for a cozy home: a black and gold interior!

A black and gold interior

The colors black and gold are colors you come across in various living styles. You can combine them with various other colors, but pure black and gold are a very stylish and luxurious combination. You can choose to subtly incorporate these colors into your interior or use them in a grand way. The latter is exactly what we have done in this Glamrock set. A black base with Living corner Gigi as the golden eye catcher in your black and gold interior. In this set living corner Gigi is upholstered with fabric Fusion and color Brandy.

The living corner offers a lot of space, so there is a place for everyone. Moreover, the living area can be customized entirely according to your wishes thanks to the enormous amount of options in terms of arrangement, size, material and color! The color gold is ideal for the Glamrock living style as this timeless color adds a lot of glam to your interior. The color gold has a tremendous effect so if you choose this as one of the main colors, it is best to use only one or two other colors. In this set that's the color black, which also adds a lot of warmth and luxury.

Golden home accessories

Golden home accessories have become an integral part of modern interiors. In this set we almost only use golden home accessories. To ensure there still is enough variety, we use all kinds of different items. A styling tip that always works is: work with little groups. Combine popular golden home accessories such as a lamp, candlesticks, vases and ornaments. Make sure that you choose different shapes and heights. By grouping them in an odd number, you create a dynamic effect. Place the groups on a side table behind the sofa, on pillars or on the coffee table. Of course, golden decorative pillows are also essential! Are you going for gold as well?

27. Glam Rock Living Corner Gigi Slanted With In Between (big)
27. Glam Rock Living Corner Gigi Met In Between (big)
27. Glam Rock Living Corner Gigi (big)
27. Glamrock Living Corner Gigi (slanted) (big)
27. Glam Rock Living Corner Gigi Detail I (large)
27. Glam Rock Living Corner Gigi Detail Ii (Large)
28. Glam Rock Moodboard(Large)
In the picture: Living corner Gigi, Carpet Landro 24


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