Do you have a large living room and is the sofa the center of your living room where you spend a lot of time with your family or friends? Then corner sofa Claire Crowdy is a real asset to your interior. This large sofa is especially suitable for decorating a spacious living room in an attractive way and there is a place for everyone!

Atmospheric corner sofa Claire Crowdy in a large living room

If you have a large living room, it can be quite difficult to furnish it attractively. You want to make optimal use of the space and make sure it is stylish and cosy. You do this by making grand gestures with statement furniture and connecting them with each other. You start with the most important piece of furniture; your dream sofa. In this set we chose Claire Crowdy corner sofa in the fabric Renegade Natural. With a large corner sofa there is room for everyone and the space is immediately well filled.

Our collection offers thousands of possibilities to put together your dream sofa completely according to your wishes and to adapt it to your large living room! The light sofa Claire stands out in combination with the dark walls and is therefore real the eye catcher of this set. The dark walls with paneling ensure that the entire living room has a luxurious and warm atmosphere. Do not place the sofa directly against the wall, but rather a bit away from the wall. This way you emphasize the space and you can place a side table with beautiful decoration or lighting behind the sofa.

Connect the furniture

In a spacious living room, choose not only a spacious sofa, but also a large rug, a generous coffee table and large home accessories. The custom carpet Landro in color 24 is well proportioned to the size of the sofa. You create a unity by placing the sofa and the coffee table on the carpet. You can strengthen that unity by letting the colors come back in different items. The color of the carpet is reflected in the decorative cushions on the sofa and the golden home accessories match beautifully with the coffee table. To make the styling a bit more lively, you can add beautiful vegetable branches, flowers or plumes in the vases.

Glamrock Corner sofa Claire Crowdy (large)
Glamrock Corner sofa Claire Crowdy(slanted) (big)
Glamrock Corner sofa Claire Crowdy Detail (large)
Glamrock Corner sofa Claire Crowdy Moodboard (large)
In the picture: Corner sofa Claire Crowdy, Made-to-measure carpet Landro 24

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