Model Victoria has a timeless design and can be adapted to any living style thanks to the many variations. Victoria has spacious, deep seats and wide armrests that give the model a luxurious look. In addition, the soft seating comfort ensures that you can relax.

A suitable version for every living room

Victoria is available as an armchair, loveseat, sofa, corner sofa or living area. In addition, you can choose from different types of fabric and (eco) leather in various colors. Due to the countless number of variations, it comes close to customization and there is a suitable version for every living room. So you put together your dream sofa completely according to your wishes!

Corner sofa Victoria Curve (slanted) 2

Build your ideal sofa

The Room108 fabric and leather collection consists of a very extensive range. Would you like a soft velvet fabric, a ribbed fabric, a teddy fabric, a fabric with structure, sleek eco-leather or tough luxury leather? It's all possible! In our showrooms you can view and compare all fabric and leather samples. With the wide amount of choices, you will always find a covering to your liking!

Corner Sofa Victoria With Footstool

All fabric and leather types are also available in various colors, so there are more than 700 different options in total! After you have chosen the type of upholstery, it is therefore also possible to choose from different colors. This way you can completely match your sofa to the colors and atmosphere in your interior.

Corner sofa Victoria

Have you put together your sofa completely according to your wishes? Beautiful! Then it's time to put the sofa on order so that our factory can get to work. Since the sofa is ordered and made completely according to your wishes, there is always a delivery time. Ask the employees in the showroom for the current delivery time.

Room108 Living Corner Victoria With Open Corner
Room108 Living corner Victoria
Room108 Corner Sofa Victoria Divan
Room108 Victoria Living Corner Open C

Discover all the possibilities in our showrooms

In the showroom , our stylists can show you all the options and of course provide you with tailor-made advice. View our lookbook for photos of customers at home or take a look at the element overview to get inspired!

38. Glamrock Corner Sofa Victoria Curve Detail 1
34. Glam Rock Living Corner Victoria Detail 2
34. Glam Rock Living Corner Victoria Detail 3
Glamrock Corner sofa Victoria Detail (large)

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