If you thought blue on blue would be too much , we'd love to show you the opposite! The blue paneling provides a very characteristic look and emphasizes the height of the walls. By also choosing the corner sofa in a blue color, a very calm image is created. To break the peace a little bit, we use accents of black and white. Moreover, there are many advantages to the color blue and the arrangement of this corner sofa. The arrangement offers a nice place to sit! Read it below!

The best of both worlds: ottoman and long chair with plenty of seating space

The Sophie II square in Skala Navy owes its name to the combination of both an ottoman and a long chair. This offers a lot of space and seating! For many people, the difference between these two terms is not yet completely clear, so we are happy to explain it for you. On the left side of the Sophie II square is the ottoman. This can be recognized by the continuous backrest, creating two full-fledged seating areas. Of course it's no problem if you still choose to lie down on this 😉. But if you really want to do that well, you better move to the right side. This is where the long chair is located. Thanks to the armrest, the long chair is most suitable for stretching out and relaxing. With a number of beautiful decorative cushions you can dream away in this corner of the sofa!

An oasis of blue = an oasis of peace

The color blue is often associated with peace and sympathy and stands for intelligence and kindness. If you have planned a relaxing evening on the couch, with friends, family or alone, a living room like this will be perfectly fine. In addition, the carpet in a slightly warm shade provides some color contrast and warm feet. This rug is from our Room108 rug collection which has recently been launched and is available in many of our points of sale can be admired!
corner sofa Sophie II square - lots of seating space
In the picture: Corner sofa Sophie, Made-to-measure carpet Marino color 22

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