A good night's sleep is vital, so also the choice for your box spring bed. In the Room108 box springs that you can put together completely according to your wishes, you will lie on a cloud of luxury and comfort every night. Don't you want that too?

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In the picture: Box spring Milou

The perfect box spring bed

A box spring is ideal for every type of sleeper, because you can choose the mattress separately from the bed base. In addition, a box spring bed provides extra support, good ventilation and the high entry makes it easy to get in and out of bed. In addition, the Room108 box springs can be ordered with an electric bottom, which takes comfort to an even higher level. The advantages of a box spring make this the perfect choice for your bedroom! The Room108 box springs can be put together completely by yourself. You can choose from various sizes, lying comforts, materials, colors and other options. You can choose from a flat or electric base, choose the desired headboard and footboard, the suitable size, the comfort of the mattress and you can choose your favorite material and color from the entire Room108 fabric collection.

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In the picture: Box spring Aymee

Adjust your bed to the atmosphere of your bedroom

In our collection you will find three different models of box springs. Aymee box spring creates a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom thanks to the elegant finish and the padded headboard and footboard. The Diane box spring has a sturdy look and fits very nicely in an industrial and rural bedroom. Box spring Milou creates a luxurious look through the vertical decorative bands and fits well in a glamorous bedroom. Thanks to the countless variations in fabric and color, you can make every model a luxurious, sturdy or rural one finishing touch to give!

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In the picture: Boxspring Diane

Complete your sleeping domain with bedroom accessories

To complete your dream bedroom completely, you have come to the right place in our showrooms. With a luxury box spring, stylish bedding is an absolute must must have. Our stylists in the showrooms are happy to help you choose beautiful bedding for your box spring. Matching decorative pillows and a bedspread complete the styling of your bed. You can even order a bedspread from us in the same fabric and color as your box spring!

Furthermore, each box spring has a matching sofa bed or blanket box to place at the foot of your bed or to place separately in the room. You can decorate this nicely with a plaid or a tray with candles for a romantic atmosphere. Lamps with mood lighting are of course also indispensable. This atmospheric feeling is enhanced by placing a fluffy carpet next to or under the bed. This way you get out of bed nice and soft every morning. You are guaranteed to dream away in a bedroom like this!

The Room108 beds can be admired at the following points of sale:

Room108 Amsterdam Room108 Rotterdam Room108 & Gusj Market Eindhoven Whoon Oisterwijk Room108 Bruges (BE) Room108 Bonheiden (BE) Room108 Kalmthout (BE)

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