Our sofa Annabelle is a popular model that has many variations. As a result, the Annabelle fits into almost any living style, making it one of our most popular models. That's why we're putting this beautiful sofa in the spotlight!

Sofa Annabelle's lovely comfort

Corner sofa Annabelle has good comfort thanks to the thickly filled seat and back cushions. The accompanying lumbar cushions enhance this comfort and give the sofa that little bit extra. Because the seats, and thus also the cushions, are so spacious, it is a lovely sofa to relax on after a long day or on a lazy morning.

Multifunctional model

Due to the many variations and options, this sofa really is a model that easily fits into any interior style, from country style to hotel chic. The sleek finish and wide armrests give the Annabelle a luxurious look and feel. There are endless possibilities in terms of elements, arrangements, fabrics and colors. So there is always a version that suits you completely!

Corner sofa Annabelle with In between element in a forest green color.
Corner sofa Annabelle Square lumbar cushions

Available from stock

Do you really want an Annabelle corner sofa in your home, but preferably very quickly? This is possible with our stock model Annabelle Square ! This most popular version of the Annabelle, measuring 415 x 220 x 175 cm and upholstered with the Mine Shell 196 fabric, is available from stock, so you won't have to wait long for this cool sofa.

Corner sofa Annabelle Square in a beige fabric with pink decoration
Natural Living 2301232581 Ccrr

Lounge sofa Annabelle Lazy

A special version is the lounge sofa Annabelle Lazy. With this you can create a spacious relaxation area, making it a real eye-catcher! The sofa is created by connecting multiple longchairs and comes in a single, double and triple version. Are you dreaming of a true home cinema? The Annabelle Lazy is perfect for this! We already talked about this in a previous blog.

Corner sofa Annabelle Triple Lazy In Between (slanted)
Lounge sofa Annabelle double lazy is a sofa with 2 longchair elements and an in-between element. In velvet forest Green.
Lounge sofa Annabelle double lazy, in a copper-colored velvet fabric.

These clients preceded you, offering lots of inspiration! You'll find even more pictures by happy clients in our look book.

Annabelle Guard Beige 05 Speijers
Corner sofa Annabelle in fabric Juke Taupe
Annabelle Adore Niagara 1 lookbook
Annabelle Mine Shell 196 Rotterdam (2)


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