Take a PEEK INSIDE different houses! Looking for inspiration, curious what our furniture looks like at our clients' homes or just very interested in how other people decorated their interiors? We gladly offer you a look inside the homes of a few of our clients. Some of them were the winners of our Room108 Style & Win contest. Let their lovely interiors surprise you!


Take a look at people's homes

How nice is it to peek into someone else's interior. And very inspiring because by looking at indoor viewers you also come up with ideas for your own interior. View our beautiful living rooms in this section and read the stories of the residents how they came to these beautiful interiors. And extra fun: you can also look inside influencers through us. At @charisathome for example.

Different living styles

Not everyone has the same living style. Fortunately! For example, you see that one sofa of Room108 is given different jackets due to some adjustments in the interior. Everyone gives a personal touch to their interior. For example, two interiors will never resemble each other and you can not only see and read something about interior design and our sofas, but also about the occupant of the room itself.

Looking inside at your place?

Do you also have a sofa for Room108 in your living room and would you like us to come and have a look at your place? Then send an email to marketing@room108.com. Who knows, you may soon see your interior on this page. Join our Style & Win action of course you can!