We take a look at the house of Charis, known from the popular Instagram account @charisathome. Charis lives with her husband and two children in a semi-detached house in a small village on the Veluwe. Take a look in a minimalist timeless interior.

Natural colors and materials

Charis likes a timeless basis with natural colors and materials: light, wood and earth tones. She describes her style as minimalist, warm and clean. And that also radiates from her interior. “The base is warm and light, but I deliberately choose to contrast with dark wood and different textures and materials. By opting for neutral tones, you can mix and match everything. I think that's ideal!”, says Charis. “I grew up in a wooded and hilly area in Germany. The natural colors remind me of this.”

couch Victoria Lund Charis
Bank Victoria Lund Charis
Bank Victoria Lund Charis

Comfortable sofa

“Our house should radiate peace. The world around us moves so fast, I don't want to throw my furniture over or paint walls every three months.” And so Charis went in search of furniture that matched her calm and timeless interior. At Room108 she fell for model Victoria in the fabric Lund Natural 01.

“A living room is the place where I should be able to relax after a long, busy day. A comfortable sofa is a must have! That is why we opted for a corner sofa with two reclining elements, thick, wide cushions and a timeless fabric. We love to plop down on the couch with the whole family and watch a movie and this couch is very suitable for that. You could almost all sleep on it, it is that comfortable! We've had it for about three months now and are very happy with it! It really finishes our living room!”

Corner sofa Victoria Charis in light color
Corner sofa Victoria detail Lund
Corner sofa Victoria Lund Charis
Corner sofa Victoria Detail Charis

A timeless interior

Joanna Gaines and Shea Mc Gee are great sources of inspiration for Charis. “They really know how to turn a house into a home. They do not choose one particular trend, but opt for a mix of trends. This allows you to create a very timeless interior. Exactly what I was looking for!” With her Instagram account @charisathome, Charis herself is now also a source of inspiration for many.

Corner sofa Victoria Charisathome
Corner sofa Victoria Charisathome

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