A look inside Linda and Pieter's modern home. They have been living in their completely renovated home in Bodegraven since October 2021 and they enjoy their house a lot. And we understand that all to well!

Looking inside a quiet, modern home and interior

We are greeted very hospitably by Linda. The house and interior immediately breathe a very quiet, open and warm atmosphere. In which of course the big show off is sofa Carmen from Room108. Extra nice is that Pieter and Linda won a full refund of this sofa by entering the giveaway contest.

Linda shares how they stripped everything, except for the floor, and rebuilt it according to their own wishes. The colors for the walls were chosen based on the floor and from there the interior was further decorated, always building on the style and colors of the floor and wallpaper. “Our living style cannot be described in one word, it's modern and quiet but also warm and homey.” And yes, the interior makes sense and creates an atmospheric whole. Linda likes to style herself. “The base remains the same, but the accessories change regularly. And in any case, I always make sure there's a bunch of fresh flowers in the house.”

Corner sofa Carmen beige with styling
decoration, vase with artificial branch and candles
inside view dining table and chairs

From online inspiration to the showroom sofa

Linda and Pieter regularly receive compliments about the sofa and the interior of their home. Pinterest gave them the inspiration as the house was bought in the middle of a lockdown. Fortunately, the shops reopened again after a while so they no longer had to depend solely on the nice pictures on the internet.

Pieter and Linda bought the sofa atRoom108 in Rotterdam . They came across a corner sofa on the Internet. “Pieter showed me a very cool sofa which was the Gigi sofa from Room108. We went to the showroom and one thing led to another.” In the end they didn't choose sofa Gigi but went for Carmen. The Carmen sofa suited the wishes of the young couple even better in terms of appearance and seating comfort, and the lumbar cushions were also a plus. Color wise the sofa had to match the wallpaper and they were looking for a light shade, in order to avoid making the whole too dark. They ended uw with the Bloq fabric in color Beige 05.

“The sofa is ideal to plop down together in the evening, but also perfect for an evening of having a drink with friends.”


Corner sofa Carmen beige with organically shaped rug
detail armrest of beige corner sofa
detail fabric of beige sofa

Wish for the future

For the future, there might be a desire to expand. “You've got to have something to wish for when it comes to a vision of the future. It will either be an extension or moving to another house.” But for now, Linda and her husband Pieter are still totally in the right place in Bodegraven.

Room108 indoor viewer
detail beige corner sofa with decorative cushions

Do you have a Room108 sofa at home and are you willing to let others peek inside your house? Check out our giveaway contest!


  1. Ruveyda zegt:

    I love the dining table bench and chairs! Do these also come from Room108? If not, I would really like to know where they do come from! Thank you in advance

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