We are visiting Eva in Bergen op Zoom. This is where she lives with her boyfriend, dog and a garden full of birds and chickens in a detached and fully renovated semi-bungalow.

Sleek interior and life-proof living

Peeking inside a sleek interior. Stepping in you notice right away: this home has a lot of space and light! Eva tells us about the major expansion and renovation that was done 5,5 years ago when they bought the house. Besides a spacious hallway, sitting room with living kitchen and a restroom, this house also has a bedroom and bathroom downstairs. Definitely life-proof living. And gasless! “That's what makes our house very interesting. When we started renovating, we knew this was the moment to do everything right at once. It took us seven months in total,” Eva says. “We were looking for an old house with character and a large garden. This used to be a farm consisting of two houses. We think we were able to make something pretty beautiful out of that.” And we think so too!

Looking inside sleek interior: Corner sofa Diane Room108 beige
Room108 Looking inside Eva

Corner sofa Diane

“We saw a beautiful Room108 sofa on Instagram during the Covid 19 time so we made an appointment at Whoon in Oisterwijk to have a look at the sofa. Still we decided to let it all sink in for a while also because it was such a crazy time back then! When the shops were allowed to be fully open again we went back to Whoon again and then the decision was actually very quickly made.” Room108 sofa Diane upholstered with Cape Liver 10 is showing off in Eva's living room. “We quickly agreed on the sofa itself. It had to be a large one with plenty of seating space. We are both quite tall so the lumbar cushions in this sofa seemed ideal for seating comfort. And to keep a light feel, we wanted a sofa on legs.” Choosing a color was much harder. “There was no sofa in the showroom that had the Cape Liver 10 fabric. Then it's quite difficult to choose from a fabric swatch. Glad we went for it anyway, it looks really beautiful!”.

Corner sofa Diane Room108 in a liver color fabric
Detail corner sofa Diane
Detail corner sofa Diane
Detail corner sofa Diane

Peek inside a sleek and light interior

We can tell Eva loves interior styling! The house harbors lots of nice corners and details. Eva mostly gets inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram. “I also visit a lot of furniture stores and fortunately my boyfriend also likes that. We don't care where we have to drive, we'll go evrywhere," Eva says enthusiastically. Her style can't be described in one word. “It has to be light in the house, but besides that I really like a mix of different styles. Our country style cupboard with right next to it a modern black steel door and a big 'clean kitchen' in the middle of the house. In any case, things are very neutral in our home. And sleek!”.

Room108 Looking inside Eva
Room108 Look Inside Dog detail
Room108 Looking inside Eva

Always neat and tidy 

Besides the space and light, we also noticed the tidy atmosphere in the house. And that does not just appear to be the case today. “People often ask me if my house is always this tidy and neat. And yes, it really is! Neither of us like clutter in our home. If something comes in, we clean it up right away.” For now Eva and her boyfriend are very satisfied and happy with their house. “I don't know whether we'll always stay here. Eventually we will get the itch again and would like to do another major renovation in another house. But for now, we're fine here. Although many people are already offering themselves to buy the house in due time.!”

Corner sofa Diane Room108 Look inside

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  1. Monique zegt:

    Hello, beautiful house! We are also going to renovate and look for the right color on the walls, which colors have you used in your house? Thanks in advance!

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