One of the characteristics of a loft are the large high windows that let in a lot of light. You can therefore safely opt for dark colors in your interior, as is done with black, gray and blue in this set. The velor fabric of the three-seater sofa Sophie II stands out beautifully because of the incidence of light and has a robust look that fits well in this style. Are you still looking for inspiration for your loft or do you want to imitate this style in your interior? Then be sure to read on!

Create an island with, among other things, a three-seater sofa

Thanks to the large open space without dividing walls and the good light flow, a loft really gives a lot of space. However, this can also make it difficult to the loft cozy to decorate. You can divide the large open space into separate "islands" for the living room, dining room and kitchen. We have also done this in this set by laying down a large carpet that defines the island of the living room, as it were. This Room108 custom carpet Cassio in color 24 immediately adds a lot of warmth and is a nice contrast to the concrete floor. The dark color of the carpet and the wall immediately give the loft more atmosphere. This dark blue color is reflected in various nuances in the accessories. This way you accentuate the part of the loft that forms the living room

Three-seater sofa Sophie II

To continue to emphasize the ultimate loft feeling and to maintain the spacious and luxurious feeling, it is important not to overcrowd the space. So you don't necessarily have to opt for a huge sofa or a very large cupboard wall. The three-seater sofa Sophie II in Adore Anthracite on high legs is a sleek model and looks spacious because you can look underneath it. Also the open locker and the side table which you can look in between ensure that the spacious feeling of the loft is preserved. In addition, the unobstructed view ensures that contact is still possible between the various “islands”. With the sun rays through the high windows and a fresh drink in hand, it almost feels like a real island.

three-seater sofa Sophie II adore anthracite
three-seater sofa Sophie II details
three-seater sofa Sophie II details
In the picture: Three-seater sofa SophieMade-to-measure carpet Cassio color 24

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