With a brown interior, you might think of the interior of your grandparents or an old pub. But, you also think of fun! Brown has since made a complete comeback and we'll gladly tell you all about it.

Combine brown with other colors in a brown interior

The color brown is warm and natural which makes it easy to match with other colors. A brown interior is therefore very atmospheric. Beautiful combinations are, for example, brown and black, brown and red, brown and blue and brown and white. In addition, dark brown goes well with brass and smoked glass, as can be seen in this set. The different shades of brown, bronze and brass give the interior a luxurious look and feel.

Combine brown with soft materials

The warmth that the brown, bronze and brass shades radiate create a cozy atmosphere that is enhanced by the soft materials of corner sofa Carmen, carpet Chique and the velvet armchair. By combining them with decorative pillows, you create more depth in the sofa.

Corner sofa Carmen Detail 2 (large)
Corner Sofa Carmen Detail Cropped

Combining brown furniture

You can choose to put one brown item in your interior and combine it with other colors, but brown is also perfect for the tone-on-tone effect. By opting for a dark brown color for the wall, the curtains and the furniture in a dark brown color, the color really comes into its own. Make sure you there is enough contrast. Put your dark brown sofa in front of a light wall, for instance. When there's little daylight coming into your living room, the combination with white is perfect for not making it too dark. The big advantage of a brown base is that you can easily add other colors and continue to vary with that!

Corner sofa Carmen (slanted) (large)

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