Gray is the perfect basic color for an industrial interior. We show you that gray is anything but boring by using different color nuances. The timeless color is suitable for furniture, walls, the floor and home accessories. Do you like a little more color? Even then, gray is ideal, because gray can be combined with almost any other color!

A gray base for an industrial interior

The color gray is the base color and the accent color in this set. Corner sofa Jolie in Kiss Graphite forms a perfect gray base together with Room108 carpet Cassio in color 24. The different textures and shades of the sofa and carpet create a subtle contrast. The various shades of gray give depth to your interior and enhance the shapes in the room. By adding gray, black and dark blue home accessories, a harmonious look is created, perfect for an industrial interior!

Corner sofa Jolie

Corner sofa Jolie can be made with or without an in-between element. This element not only provides a nice twist to your corner sofa, but also serves as a handy extra. You can use this element as a side table and as a beautiful decoration spot. Moreover, there are several other elements in our collection to put together your corner sofa completely according to your wishes!

Of course, many home accessories such as decorative pillows and plaids also fit on a large corner sofa. By layering the decorative cushions against each other, you create a cozy corner to curl up in. For the color of these items, it is best to look at the basic colors of your interior. In this case, the colors are gray and blue. Combining cushions in these colors creates a beautiful whole and you create an industrial interior. Choose a mix of textures and patterns to make it a little more exciting. A beautiful matching plaid completes the picture!

In the picture: Corner sofa Jolie, Tapestry Cassio 24

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