We're taking you to the modern chic interior of Isabel, Rico and their two children Roqi and Vinz. The family lives in a stylish new-build house in the town of Bakel in Brabant.

From country style townhouse to classy new-build home

Isabel and Rico used to live in a big country style townhouse that was struck by lightning in 2018. “There was a fire that made the house completely uninhabitable. We were therefore forced to find a temporary home in order to build something new on the site of our old house.” The new house was built in 9 months, with the twins coming the family wanted to move in as soon as possible. The old house was very poky because of all the separate spaces. Thus the housing dream for the new home was to create a spacious feeling with a large living area, tall windows and lots of light. The old house was very country style, but a modern style suits them much better and that's what has been fully applied in the current house. Since the family had lost everything due to the fire, a brand new complete interior had to be bought as well. It wasn't possible to think long about any choices because the house needed to be finished as quickly as possible. They have been living in the new house since 2019 and in the end, are very happy with what they chose: "It turned out exactly as we had in mind."

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The living space as heart of the home

As usual in hospitable Brabant, we can come around the back. We enter the spacious hall with windows up to the ceiling that ensure lots of light. From the hallway, passing through a black steel door, you walk into the big living area. This is where the kitchen, dining area and sitting area are. There is a wonderful scent in the house caused by the scented candle that has been burning. You can tell someone with a sense for interior design lives here as the space is laid out very well. Within the large living space, atmospheric nooks were created by using large elements that clearly determine the sitting area, dining area and kitchen. One of the statement items in the interior is corner sofa Annabelle Square by Room108. Utilizing the seating area to the full with this. All nooks and corners are connected making it one real living space. In short: wherever you sit, you're connected with one another at any place.

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Modern chic with warm materials

Isabel describes her interior as modern chic. The base is sleek with white walls, a light cast floor and black window frames. The neutral colors black, white and natural combined with warm materials such as wood and fabric tie everything together into a chic and atmospheric whole.

“We bought the Annabelle Square corner sofa with the Mine fabric and Shell color at Room108 & Gusj Market in Eindhoven. We saw the sofa in the showroom and were immediately sold. Exactly as it stood in there, we wanted it, same fabric and color. Thus the choice was quickly made, also because the sofa was super comfy to sit on. Here we also bought the big side table and the coffee table from the Gusj brand to go with our sofa

“When I saw your giveaway contest for a full refund of the sofa, I thought: I'm going to do my best for this. Rico even said: “You'll never win”. But the opposite happened to be the case for we turned out to be the winners for the month of April!”

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Meanwhile, there's already a number of friends and acquaintances that also have a Room108 sofa. After seeing sofa Annabelle at Isabel and Rico's house, some friends bought exactly the same one. Other friends have the Annabelle model at home in an even larger setup. After all, you can customize the sofa completely to your own preferences.

“Our favorite spot on the sofa is the corner with the Ottoman because that's where you can really lie down and completely curl up in the pillows. We mainly sit here in the evenings when we're watching television together.”

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Getting an urge from new-build houses

Isabel gets a lot of inspiration from various interior design shops, through Pinterest and on Instagram. When the children are older, Isabel would like to delve further into her passion for interior design. She doesn't want to leave this house in any case but designing and creating a completely new interior is completely her kind of thing. “I would do it again in a heartbeat. Every time Rico and I walk into a new-build house, we always get the urge to do it all over again ourselves.”

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Do you have a Room108 sofa at home and are you willing to let others peek inside your house? Check out our giveaway contest!


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      Hi Lori, the size of this sofa is 175 x 415 x 220 cm. You can customize all our sofas according to your wishes thanks to the different elements and options.

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