In between

There were, of course, already endless possibilities for customizing a Room108 sofa. Yet, we are now adding another option. Meet our new element: in between. This open element is perfect to place between two other elements, thus creating a special arrangement . In addition, this new element is extremely useful for putting your snack and drink on during a cozy couch evening. A good reason to plan for such an evening extra often! To be on the safe side, use a nice coaster or tray to prevent stains in the fabric.

Corner sofa Annabelle is upholstered here with fabric Reno and the color Forest. Of course, this model is also available in over 700 different colors fabric and leather, so it can be completely matched to the your interior style. Wondering how to combine this corner sofa with other earth tones? We'll gladly give you some inspiration!

In between

In the picture: Corner sofa Annabelle

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