Judith Doppenberg, better known as Huizedop, shares her love for interior design through her own interior design platform, making her one of the largest interior bloggers in the Netherlands. In addition, she is a big fan of Room108 and we of her, so a collaboration could not be missed! She has now experienced various models of our corner sofas and created wonderful inspiration for her followers and ours. So we would like to show you more about this!

At home with Huizedop

With the arrival of their new-built house, a very spontaneous new challenge started for Judith, namely that of interior blogging! From her home in the centre of the Netherlands, she creates the most beautiful inspirational corners, shares interior tips and talks about her daily life. Her interest in Room108 furniture began when she started looking for a sofa for her new home. After some internet searching she visited one of our stores and found her very first Room108 sofa: corner sofa Diane in Kiss Graphite.

Besides being very enthusiastic about this sofa herself, she received a lot of questions through her Instagram page about where her sofa came from. Since we had also noticed this, we thought it was time for a new sofa in order to share even more inspiration! No sooner said than done and there was corner sofa Carmen. In contrast to the Diane, the Carmen is a lot sleeker and more refined. “But it it so wonderfully soft and comfortable to sit and lie on!”Judith says. Thanks to the velor fabric, the narrow armrests and the slender legs, the sofa has a very chic and spacious look. Judith combined the sofa with black, white and neutral tones.
Corner sofa Carmen Huizedop
Corner sofa Carmen Huizedop
Corner sofa Carmen Huizedop
Corner sofa Carmen Huizedop

Corner sofa Elise

After having a lot of fun with the Diane and the Carmen, Judith decided to go for a completely different sofa. A solid one, without legs and in a light color. This time Corner sofa Elise in Skala Light Grey caught her eye. The light gray fabric contrasts beautifully with the black back wall. Once again she chooses to style the rest of the living room with natural colors to create a calm atmosphere that is really recognizable as the Huizedop style. The sofa has a sleek look, but with great seating comfort. Her favorite spot on this sofa? That's of course the large lounge area! Super comfortably slumped on the sofa with Netflix on and her husband next to her.

New project

Soon a new project will start in Huizedop! The attic is being renovated and a Woman Cave will be built here. To decorate this completely in style, it will feature beautiful new Room108 items that are perfect for this space. Of course we will tell you more about this soon. So stay tuned!

Corner sofa Elise Huizedop

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