You want to be able to enjoy a sofa for as long as possible. Then it is important to make good choices. But what factors should you pay attention to when buying a sofa? We give a number of tips that you should pay attention to.

The seating comfort

The seating comfort is of course the most important thing with a sofa. Do you like to sink into the cushions or do you prefer a firm seat? The softer the structure of the cushions, the stronger you sink into the sofa. This is great if you really want to relax on the couch. Firm cushions make sitting down and getting up easier. This is also a good choice for people with reduced mobility.

The upholstery

When purchasing a sofa, it is useful to think about where the sofa will be located and what requirements the sofa must meet. Is the sofa in direct sunlight? Then the colors may appear different than when your sofa is in a dark corner. For families with children, low-maintenance and robust upholstery is better suited than a fine fabric in a light colour. If you have pets, it is also useful to take the choice of fabric into account.

The choice of leather

Leather sofas are suitable for any interior. It is a real natural product and varies enormously. Leather comes in all qualities. It has a particularly long service life, is robust and easy to maintain. Choose leather if you are looking for a sturdy sofa that is easy to keep clean. A leather sofa is perfect for an industrial, vintage and minimalist interior.

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