You can find a loveseat in every interior store or home magazine these days. But what is it actually? And how do you apply the loveseat in your interior?

A loveseat is a 1.5-seater sofa. A large armchair with space for two people to sit snugly against each other. The name 'loveseat' did not just fall from the sky.

Where do you place the loveseat?

Right away loveseat complete your sitting area. By combining it with your sofa in the same fabric or color, you make the seating area a beautiful whole. A loveseat is also ideal for creating an extra spot in your home, somewhere other than your sitting area. For example, create a cozy reading corner with a nice side table and accessories. Or make your bedroom more luxurious by placing a beautiful loveseat in a striking fabric. It is a multifunctional piece of furniture for the home.

Loveseat Adele Details Accessories

Examples of perfect loveseat

Of course we also have a few toppers in the Room108 collection.

Loveseat Adele for example, an elegant model with round shapes that make this loveseat that little bit different. A real eye-catcher! By combining it with a matching hocker, you immediately create a luxurious lounge area.

Loveseat Sophie is very easy to combine in your interior due to the sleek design. It is so generous that you can relax in it together. Exactly what the loveseat is meant for! Just like our other seating furniture, the loveseat Sophie can be put together entirely according to your wishes.

Brown loveseat with cushions and ceiling lights

Discover all the possibilities in our showrooms

Do you want to complement your interior with a beautiful loveseat and would you like more information and advice? In the showroom our stylists can show you all the possibilities and of course provide you with tailor-made advice. And who knows, maybe a loveseat will be shining in your house in a while.

Looking for more inspiration? These people preceded you! Also check us out lookbook for even more ideas and inspiration in people's homes.

Adele Lounge Chair Renegade Natural 01 Rotterdam
Loveseat Elise in a light color
Annabelle Mine Shell 196 Rotterdam (2)
Loveseat Adele Green

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