Are you a lover of nature? Then this living style is definitely something for you! A Mix & Match of beautiful materials with a cool green sofa! Natural materials are often characteristic, refined and timeless. Despite the coarse structures, the colors that occur in these natural materials still give a warm and calm feeling. This Urban Nature set therefore includes robust furniture in warm colours. This time we received special help with the styling of the set. Curious about who? Read and then look further!

The natural look: Mix & Match

Powerful materials such as wood and stone are the perfect basis for a natural set. Moreover, they are very suitable to combine with each other. The coarsely plastered wall and the concrete floor form the light frame that is filled with warm colours. The coffee table and the Gusj cabinet match each other beautifully because of the wood and steel. Of course, this set also includes a robust bench. Three-seater sofa Elise in fabric Dexter and color Forest fits completely into the natural picture. The material of the sofa and the mix of decorative cushions make it a bit softer. Although the look of the Elise sofa is robust, the seating comfort proves the opposite. After a long walk, this sofa is wonderful to relax in and not get out of for the time being.

This also applies to loveseat Elise which is executed in the color Moss. With a beautiful cow rug underneath and the right accessories you create a nice place to relax. With the accessories, the natural look has been thought of again and here too: mix & match. Wooden ornaments, shell wreaths, small and large plants, the wicker basket and the large earthenware flower pot together provide extra atmosphere. But the biggest atmosphere maker in this set is really our office dog Sam. He has only just joined us, but already has a clear preference for the natural style. Especially the cow rug and the benches are favorites. Very soft and very pretty! Will you get started and mix & match a great interior together?!

Urban Nature Moodboard set 3
Armchair Elise Dexter Moss
Bench Elise, mix & match natural materials

In the picture: Loveseat Elise, Bench Elise

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