Instagram and pinterest are now full of beautiful interior photos. Taking such photos is of course perfect if you can handle a professional camera, but you can also shoot very nice pictures with your phone. How do you do that? You can read that in our tips for the most beautiful interior photos!

Annabelle Triple Lazy
Annabelle Triple Lazy
three-seater sofa Annabelle
three-seater sofa Annabelle
Corner sofa Elise Bull Almond
Corner sofa Elise Bull Almond

Tip 1: Clean up and style

Your home is a place where people live to the fullest and it's a good thing! For this reason, there will be many practical things in the room that you are going to photograph. In an interior photo, this can quickly cause visual noise that distracts from the beautiful interior you want to show. Everything that has not been bought as decoration is therefore removed from the picture. Think of: the remote control, mail, toys, cables, keys, game consoles, etc. This also applies to personal decoration or items that you would rather not exhibit to the entire internet.

With a sofa, it is very important that you neatly fold the cushions and that, for example, pet hairs are brushed away. This may sound logical to some, but it is often forgotten. Then it's time for styling! The most beautiful interior photos are always carefully styled. Make sure the focus is on the most important item in the room. In addition, use different shapes, alternate with high and low elements and make beautiful sets of decorative items. Please note that it is one whole together.

Tip 2: Natural light is best for beautiful interior photos

Use as much natural light as possible. This gives the most beautiful and natural effect on your photos. Try to use lamps in the room as little as possible, because they cause shadows and a yellow glow. A mood light is of course cozy, but natural light is key.

So it's best to take the photos in the middle of the day when there is the most natural light. Are you just choosing a cloudy day for photography? Then go to your favorite app to edit photos and turn up the exposure a bit 😉

Tip 3: Use the grid on your phone

To ensure that your photos are straight, there is a very handy tool on every phone: grid. You can turn on the grid in the settings of your camera. Lines will now appear in your image so that you can clearly see whether you are holding your phone straight. This way you don't have to straighten or crop anything afterwards, but you immediately have a good shot!

Tip 4: Choose your point of view

It is best to take interior photos straight from the front or from a corner of the room. If you photograph the interior straight from the front, you create a calm composition. This is ideal for an interior with a lot of symmetry. Shooting from a corner of the room gives you a good idea of the size of the room.

Make sure that when you take several photos, you do this from the same height. This way you ensure a balanced image that is much more pleasant to look at. The combination with tip 3 makes this a lot easier! Moreover, the most beautiful interior photos are taken from a low perspective. Rule of thumb: approximately from a height of one meter.

Tip 5: Create space for the best interior photos

Besides finding the right light for your photos, the lack of space is one of the most difficult things about interior photography. From your camera, some things suddenly look very different than when you look at them yourself. So always shoot a few test photos first and move or remove items that don't come into their own or block important spots. Rather put a little too much of the space in the photo, so that you can crop it later. The other way around is not possible!

Don't be afraid to photograph the living room from the hallway, for example, if you can capture a larger part of the space this way. In this case, more is more. With these tips you should be fine. Good luck!

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