Checklist for the purchase of your new sofa! Are you going to buy a new sofa or maybe even buy a sofa for the first time? Then there are a number of things that you should definitely take into account. It is of course important that your sofa looks beautiful. In addition, you should check with yourself what you find important in terms of comfort and use. With this checklist for buying a sofa, you can be sure that your new showpiece meets all your wishes!

Which style appeals to you?

The first step of our checklist for the perfect sofa! Sofas come in all shapes, sizes, materials and colors, so the choice is huge. It is therefore a lot easier to make your choice if you have a clear idea of which style you like. You can get inspiration on Instagram and pinterest and find out what you like or don't like about a sofa. Do you want a sofa on high or low legs, with fixed or loose cushions, in a neutral or outspoken colour? Save the best photos or describe your style with keywords such as modern, sleek, warm, folding sofa, fabric, light colors, etc. This way, your choice will match your living style and probably also the rest of your interior. 

25. Royal Color Lounge sofa Adèle Detail (large)
22. Glamrock Huizedop Elise Detail (large)
19. Luxury Loft Sofa Annabelle Detail (large)

How will you use the sofa?

In addition to the fact that your sofa should look beautiful, it is also important that the model you choose matches your usage habits. Are you alone, with your partner or with a large family on the couch? Do you want to be able to lounge or do you want to be active? Do you often sit on the couch with visitors or do you prefer to sit at the dining table? How many seats do you need and should everyone be able to sit on the sofa or do you have a nice armchair with the sofa? All questions that are very decisive for the type of bank that suits you best.

It is therefore very important to test the sofa extensively in the showroom! Sit well and plop down on the couch as you would at home. In the corner of the lounge, for example, because that is slightly different from a normal seat. Also pay attention to the height and depth of the seats, the height of the back, the softness of the fillings and any extra cushions for more comfort. A deep seat and soft cushions are ideal for lounging and a shallow seat and firm cushions are more pleasant for active sitting.

Corner sofa Claire Crowdy
21. Royal Color Bank Cloë + Hocker (large)
Gold colored living area with dark gray carpet
15. City Chic Sofa Jolie Angled (Large)
4. Glamrock Corner sofa Elise (large)

Which size is best?

The correct dimensions are essential when purchasing a new sofa. So come to the showroom well prepared and bring floor plans with dimensions, photos and videos of your interior. This way our sales specialists can think along with you as best as possible to choose the perfect size.

With our sofas you can determine your own dimensions based on the arrangement you choose. Do you see a sofa in our showroom that you like, but would you like an extra seating area or would you prefer the lounge on the other side? No problem! This is all possible thanks to the many elements with various dimensions.

When measuring the dimensions of your sofa, pay attention to the proportions, sight lines and walking routes. In a large living room it is often nice to place a spacious sofa, while in a small living room it quickly looks full. So decide whether you want to go for a large piece of furniture or for a sofa in combination with a matching armchair, so that you still have enough seats. Would you like to look out on the garden, the fireplace or the television from your sofa? This choice is important for the position and therefore for the dimensions of your sofa. Also check whether there is enough space to open doors and maintain important pedestrian routes.

Tip: Place newspapers or pieces of plastic on the floor to mimic the desired size, arrangement and position of your sofa. Are the proportions, sight lines and walking routes correct? Check, check, double check and on to the showroom!

29. City Chic Sofa Zoë Angled (large)
Light three-seater sofa, deep seat with cushions, plaid and golden tables
12. Glamrock Two-seater sofa Adéle (large)
11. City Chic Corner sofa Elise Square (large)
10. Luxury Loft Three-seater sofa Sophie Ii Slanted (adapted)

Which product features should you take into account?

Ask our sales specialists for help and ask them all your questions! They can not only help you design the sofa within the dimensions of your interior. But also give advice on the product characteristics. Will the sofa be placed in a place with a lot of sunlight? Then it is wise to take this into account when choosing the fabric and color. Also get advice about the maintenance of the fabric and the cushions, so that you are not faced with any surprises.

14. Glam Rock Corner Sofa Sophie II
13. Luxury Loft Sofa Carmen Oblique (large)
Webshop Corner sofa Victoria + Hocker
20. Luxury Loft Sofa Claire (slanted) (large)
Glamrock Corner sofa Noëlle (large)

The last step of our checklist! Do you need more new items for your living room?

Then now is the time to look into that as well. You can now keep all fabrics together and coordinate the sizes. Shop a beautiful rug, wall decoration for above the sofa, decorative cushions or coffee tables that match your new sofa. Our sales specialists like to think in total pictures and are happy to give you tips and ideas that you might not have thought of yourself.

27. Glam Rock Living Corner Gigi Detail I (large)
8. Glamrock Corner Sofa Sophie Ii Square Details (large)
33. City Chic Corner sofa Zoë Detail (large)

Are you ready to go bank hunting? We are happy to welcome you in our showrooms!

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