With a new year comes new interior trends. We immersed ourselves in materials, colors, shapes and much more. In this blog we list it all for you. This way you can never go wrong in 2023 and the trends are fully Room108-proof!

Round loveseat adele in a light beige fabric. with attractive accessories in brown and gold.


'Nature' is one of the 2023 interior trends. Creating a relaxed atmosphere and sustainability are the central themes. Natural colors such as brown and green are being used in this trend. Earthy brown tones give a feeling of warmth and security, green tones that of liveliness and harmony. Match these accent colors with beige for the ultimate natural effect. Use materials such as wood, natural stone and beautiful, sturdy fabrics or cotton and linen. But also sustainable materials are back again in 2023, for instance bamboo and cork. You can bring everything together with houseplants (or artificial plants if you don't have a green thumb) and bring the outdoors in! One of our own latest styles is Natural Nature, which fits in perfectly with the nature trend.


Looking for a quiet base? This neutral trend will certainly still be there in 2023! With beige as a base, combined with grey, brown, greenish brown and taupe. White walls are not an option! Go for ton-sur-ton or one accent color, less is more! Materials that we will see more often are soft fabrics such as bouclé and velvet, natural materials such as timbers in warm colors and both organic and sleek shapes. With this lovely trend you create a safe haven where you can unwind, also known as slow living .


This trend also doesn't disappear with the new year and is definitely a keeper! The organic shapes are reflected in various items, from the sofa and armchair to an accessory or a carpet. Be amazed by the curvy shapes! Sofas with a round finish soften your interior and give an airy feeling. Or what about a high-pile round rug for a fluffy effect or a vase in a special shape. Organic shapes are often an eye-catcher in your interior and who wouldn't want that?! To emphasize the organic trend of the 2023 interior trends you use smooth, melange and soft materials in combination with natural tones and warm timbers or you choose colors and fabrics with a retro touch.


Soothing blue is one of the 2023 trend colors. All kinds of different blue shades are used: cobalt blue, pastel blue, ice blue, night blue and turquoise. Together with white, this makes for a fresh combination, fitting in perfectly with a sleek and hip interior. You can have the blue come back on your wall or in accessories such as a carpet or decorative pillows. Do you want to make this trend a little more daring? Then opt for a cool blue sofa or armchair, this will immediately be a striking eye catcher in your living room!


The 70's are totally in the 2023 interior trends! Using the retro 70's trend you make a statement in your interior. Materials such as smoked glass, leather and warm timbers certainly are a part of this. But also fake fur, coarsely woven fabrics and brass or chrome can be seen in the 70's style! Special organic designs and round shapes complete the living style. This is totally matching with the fabulous trend, which uses prints and striking colors. Create a fun interior by mixing and matching! Colors that match this 2023 trend are for example, dusky pink, moss green, lilac, soft yellow and orange. By choosing a pastel shades base which you combine with a few bold accent colors, the so-called pop of color, keep the whole of it it quite calm. With the 70's and fabulous atmospheres in your home you create a cheerful but attractive interior!

So 2023 is a super cool year for the interior design world with beautiful trends! Choose one of these trends or match a few of them. Good combinations are for example organic with the 70's & fabulous trend, and neutral base together with the trend feeling blue for just that little extra!