If you buy a new sofa (or other seating furniture), you want it to show off in your interior for as long as possible. Without defects or stains! And of course with as little maintenance as possible for yourself. With 108% SAFE you are assured of an extended warranty with:

  • 5 year full stain warranty
  • 5 year extended product warranty
  • 10 year warranty on frame and construction

And, you don't have to spray anything with a protection spray yourself. As soon as your furniture is delivered, it is immediately ready for use! This way you can enjoy your new furniture(s) carefree, and if things do go wrong, we will provide a suitable solution!








How long is my warranty?

With 108% SAFE you have a 5-year full stain warranty, a 5-year extended product warranty and a 10-year warranty on the frame and construction.

When does my warranty start?

Your 108% SAFE warranty starts the moment you receive your seating furniture at home

Can I purchase 108% SAFE later?

You can only purchase 108% SAFE if your seating furniture has not yet been delivered. As soon as your seating furniture has been delivered, it is no longer possible to take out 108% SAFE for that piece of furniture (with retroactive effect).

Can I also extend my 108% SAFE?

It is not possible to extend your warranty package after the term has expired.

What is covered by the extended product warranty?

That is quite something! In any case, think of reinforcing/filling loose cushions and seats if they collapse excessively, tensioning/filling in case of excessive creasing, repair of springs, spring slats and/or spring clamps, tensioning or mounting (new) webbing, fixing and repairing seams, loose buttons and connections or remedying creaking noises when sitting. Do you doubt something? Please do not hesitate to contact us for a consultation. What is covered by the warranty on the construction? The construction concerns the interior of your seating furniture, the wooden construction and the suspension.


What is a 108% SAFE certificate? 

The 108% SAFE certificate is your proof of warranty. On this you will find a certificate number, your details and the end date of your 108% SAFE warranty, service and maintenance package. The certificate also lists the articles for which 108% SAFE has been concluded and the telephone number of the helpdesk. We always ask for your certificate number. So keep this at hand when you contact us!

When will I receive the 108% SAFE certificate? 

You will receive the 108% SAFE certificate upon delivery of your new seating furniture. Have you taken out 108% SAFE, have you already received your seating furniture, but have not received a certificate at the e-mail address you provided after a week? Then consult the store where you bought your seating furniture! To be sure, first check your 'junk e-mail' and 'SPAM'.

How long should I keep the 108% SAFE certificate?

Your certificate states the end date of your 108% SAFE warranty, service and maintenance package. So keep your 108% SAFE certificate at least until this date. Your certificate is your proof of warranty, so you always need it in the event of a service!

Service notification

How can I reach you?

On your 108% SAFE certificate you will find a telephone number and email address where you can reach us. Keep your certificate at hand because we always ask for your certificate number.

Stain guarantee


Which stains are covered by the stain grant? Stains caused by food or drink (such as baby food, beer, candy, butter, buttermilk, cola, milk, egg, egg liqueur, ice cream, iced coffee, grease, fruit, coffee, chocolate milk, chewing gum, ketchup, non-alcoholic beverages, margarine, jam , chocolate spread, fruit juices, red wine, cream, chocolate, mustard, syrup, tea, white wine, tomato sauce, mayonnaise and remoulade), colors and glue products (such as chalk, paint, markers, glue, clay, washable ink and watercolor), cosmetics - and cleaning products (such as nail polish, lipstick, toothpaste and zinc ointment), all human and mammalian excretions (such as vomit, feces, urine, sweat and skin oils) and other causes (such as ash, pencil, blood, mud, grass, resin, wax, metal dust, oil, rust, soot and shoe polish). What should you do if you get a stain? When a stain occurs, consult the 'first aid for stain catalogue' (which you will be given access to after receiving your certificate). Here you will find more information about what to do to get worse. Then contact us as soon as possible, but in any case within three days. Which stains are not covered by the warranty? Stains caused by intent or gross negligence or improper use are not covered by the warranty. Just like stains caused by chemical products, transport, assembly and/or third parties.



What is the cost of 108% SAFE? For 108% SAFE you pay € 49 per seat. The sales advisors in our stores can calculate what this warranty package costs in the case of the sofa or armchair you have chosen. Are there any additional costs? The advantage of this guarantee package is that you are insured for additional (repair) costs, provided that you use the furniture for the intended purpose and that you maintain the furniture properly.


When do I pay for 108% SAFE? You take out 108% SAFE when purchasing your seating furniture, so that the costs of 108% SAFE are part of the total price of your order. We usually ask for a down payment when placing the order. The remaining amount must be paid upon delivery of your furniture(s). If you place an online order, full payment applies immediately.



Leather is a natural product with properties that make it very suitable for covering seating furniture. As the filling softens, the leather also adapts. Due to the slightly more generous upholstery, folds always arise. Real leather is characterized by insect bites, manure stains, color and structure differences, etc. This gives leather its natural character. Black leather and some other colors may have a slight release of dye, especially at the beginning. It is best to treat leather twice a year with a set intended for your leather. Warranty on the leather applies in combination with the use of the original maintenance products. You can apply a stain protector to most types of leather. Our advisors can tell you all about this. You can easily apply the stain protector on leather yourself. We request that you follow the maintenance advice stated on the “maintenance kit”. More information about the price structure of our leathers.


Pilling or also 'fluff formation' mainly occurs with dust. Pilling is often thought of as wear and tear, but nothing could be further from the truth. Pilling due to wear is rare. In use, the chance of pilling even decreases. A newly delivered fabric may still have some residual fibers sticking out of the fabric. These can get tangled and form a ball. This form of pilling is rare and can be easily remedied by shaving off the balls with a lint trimmer. A much more common case of pilling is external pilling. The balls are formed by external fibers of, for example, clothing (fleece) plaids, pillows, but especially house dust. You can easily recognize external pilling by the different color and can also be remedied by shaving off the balls with a lint trimmer.


Do you have loose back and seat cushions on your sofa, corner sofa or armchair? Then it is important to beat it up after use and put it back in the right place. By regularly changing seats and/or exchanging the cushions, you prevent the cushions from wearing irregularly. This also has a positive effect on the seating comfort of your furniture. With normal use, it is almost impossible for cushions to move. If you do experience problems, this can easily be solved by applying anti-slip under the seat cushion.


By using your seating furniture, the hardness of the filling will decrease by approximately 10% to 15% in the first 2 to 4 months, this process starts immediately from the moment you start using the seating furniture, too much air escapes. While your piece of furniture is sitting in, the foam becomes softer and your seating furniture reaches its optimum seating comfort. If your seating furniture has cushions with a feather filling, regular beating or shaking is necessary to maintain the seating comfort. The hardness of your seating furniture decreases evenly when you regularly change seats. In addition, a difference in hardness can occur due to technical constructions, for example, the seating comfort of a corner section or long chair can differ from the rest of the sofa.


Wrinkle formation is a phenomenon in which folds and wrinkles in the upholstery of chairs, sofas and armchairs, as a result of use, are visible. Wrinkle formation is a common phenomenon in any upholstered piece of furniture and it does not detract from its quality. In addition, pleats are functional because they relieve the seams. Wrinkle formation is caused by the use of a sofa, armchair or chair. Most of the furniture mentioned above has a foam seat filling. These fillings provide a pleasant comfort. The seats are compressed through use and depending on the hardness of the foam and the stretchability of the fabric, the upholstery material (fabric or leather) will be stretched. This creates space in the fabric or leather, resulting in visible folds.