On this page you will find an answer to the most frequently asked questions about, among other things, our collection, product properties, delivery times, payments, warranty and service. Is the question or answer you are looking for not listed? Then please contact us directly



How do I find the right product?

We are known for our endless number of variations in elements, setups, colors and materials. View us online step-by-step plan to find out how to choose the right product. Then take Contact Contact one of our points of sale or visit one of our showrooms to view the possibilities and choose the product completely according to your wishes!


Our upholstered furniture is available in more than 700 fabric and leather options. Each type of fabric or leather has its own price, which is why we have divided all materials into price categories. We are happy to explain how this price structure works!


Our sofas cannot be fully customized, but the many options in elements, dimensions, materials and colors make it close to customization! Take Contact Contact one of our points of sale to discuss your wishes and the possibilities!


Can I view the entire collection in the showrooms?

Our points of sale can supply the full range of Room108 furniture and have a representative collection in their showroom to give you a good and clear picture of all our options. Do you want to be sure that the 100% model of your choice is available? Then take a minute Contact contact the relevant point of sale!

Where are your showrooms located?

We have sales points throughout the Netherlands, in various places in Belgium and in Germany and the Czech Republic. These are partly Room108 brand stores and partly shops that sell our Room108 brand, among other things. On the page points of sale you will find an overview of all our points of sale and you can look up the nearest point of sale.

What are the opening hours of your showrooms?

The opening hours of our showrooms differ per point of sale. For an overview of all points of sale and their opening hours, please visit the page points of sale.



Leather is a natural product with properties that make it very suitable for covering seating furniture. As the filling softens, the leather also adapts. Due to the slightly more generous upholstery, folds always arise. Real leather is characterized by insect bites, manure stains, color and structure differences, etc. This gives leather its natural character. Black leather and some other colors may have a slight release of dye, especially at the beginning. It is best to treat leather twice a year with a set intended for your leather. Warranty on the leather applies in combination with the use of the original maintenance products. You can apply a stain protector to most types of leather. Our advisors can tell you all about this. You can easily apply the stain protector on leather yourself. We request that you follow the maintenance advice stated on the “maintenance kit”. More information about the price structure of our leathers.


When purchasing new seating furniture, you want to be able to enjoy it for a long time and without any worries. Without stains. This is possible with 108% SAFE, which gives you a 5-year full stain warranty, among other things. Do you have a stain in your fabric? In our stain catalog you will find all the information you need to prevent worse. If this does not succeed in removing a stain, please contact us as soon as possible (but in any case within 3 days). We will help you by telephone, send you a product or send an expert. As long as your resulting stain falls within our warranty conditions, we always offer a suitable solution.


Wood is a natural product, each piece of wood is different and unique. Structure and color differences between mutual parts are therefore unavoidable. A wooden piece of furniture is manufactured in a traditional way. There are also wooden furniture that undergo a treatment, so that a used appearance is created. Wood is unique and characteristic in every respect, no piece of wood is the same in shape, structure or colour. This also makes color shades within one piece of furniture unavoidable. To give the furniture its lived-in look, the wood is selected for natural defects, which we deliberately do not cover up. You will find these natural defects, such as wind cracks, hairline cracks, small and large irregularities and knots in your furniture. Through use and the influence of light, wooden furniture can take on a slightly different color over time. Color differences between each other, but also with regard to the showroom model, are obvious, after all, you have purchased a unique product. Wood can work under the influence of moist and dry air, which can cause cracks or connections to open or close.


Pilling or also 'fluff formation' mainly occurs with dust. Pilling is often thought of as wear and tear, but nothing could be further from the truth. Pilling due to wear is rare. In use, the chance of pilling even decreases. A newly delivered fabric may still have some residual fibers sticking out of the fabric. These can get tangled and form a ball. This form of pilling is rare and can be easily remedied by shaving off the balls with a lint trimmer. A much more common case of pilling is external pilling. The balls are formed by external fibers of, for example, clothing (fleece) plaids, pillows, but especially house dust. You can easily recognize external pilling by the different color and can also be remedied by shaving off the balls with a lint trimmer.

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Do you have loose back and seat cushions on your sofa, corner sofa or armchair? Then it is important to beat it up after use and put it back in the right place. By regularly changing seats and/or exchanging the cushions, you prevent the cushions from wearing irregularly. This also has a positive effect on the seating comfort of your furniture. With normal use, it is almost impossible for cushions to move. If you do experience problems, this can easily be solved by applying anti-slip under the seat cushion.

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By using your seating furniture, the hardness of the filling will decrease by approximately 10% to 15% in the first 2 to 4 months, this process starts immediately from the moment you start using the seating furniture, too much air escapes. While your piece of furniture is sitting in, the foam becomes softer and your seating furniture reaches its optimum seating comfort. If your seating furniture has cushions with a feather filling, regular beating or shaking is necessary to maintain the seating comfort. The hardness of your seating furniture decreases evenly when you regularly change seats. In addition, a difference in hardness can occur due to technical constructions, for example, the seating comfort of a corner section or long chair can differ from the rest of the sofa.


Wrinkle formation is a phenomenon in which folds and wrinkles in the upholstery of chairs, sofas and armchairs, as a result of use, are visible. Wrinkle formation is a common phenomenon in any upholstered piece of furniture and it does not detract from its quality. In addition, pleats are functional because they relieve the seams. Wrinkle formation is caused by the use of a sofa, armchair or chair. Most of the furniture mentioned above has a foam seat filling. These fillings provide a pleasant comfort. The seats are compressed through use and depending on the hardness of the foam and the stretchability of the fabric, the upholstery material (fabric or leather) will be stretched. This creates space in the fabric or leather, resulting in visible folds.

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What is the average delivery time?

Since there are a lot of possibilities with our sofas, they are ordered completely according to your wishes and then made in our factory. For this reason there is always a delivery time (unless it is a outlet bank is). Delivery time may vary slightly throughout the year, but averages around 14-16 weeks. Ask the employees in the showroom for the current delivery time.

How do I know when my order will be delivered?

When placing your order it will be relevant point of sale inform you about the current delivery times. The point of sale always specifies an expected delivery time. It is therefore possible that your order will be delivered earlier, but unfortunately also later than expected. The point of sale will inform you of this in good time. As soon as your order is ready for delivery, the point of sale will contact you to schedule a delivery appointment.

Will I be informed if delivery times change?

Our stores strive to deliver the order as quickly as possible. The point of sale always specifies an expected delivery time. It is therefore possible that your order will be delivered earlier, but unfortunately also later than expected. The point of sale will inform you of this in good time.

Is delivery abroad also possible?

We have sales points in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the Czech Republic. Delivery is of course possible here. For delivery to another country within or outside Europe, we ask you to email your request to info@room108.nl.


Do I pay delivery costs?

The delivery costs depend, among other things, on the distance and the amount of furniture that needs to be delivered. For more information on this, you can Contact contact the nearest point of sale.

I have a question about my order.

If you have a question about an order, we always refer you to it point of sale where you placed the order. The order number is stated on the purchase agreement. Always keep this number to hand when you approach the point of sale with a question about your order.

Can I still change or cancel my order?

If you have ordered a product and want to change or cancel this order, you can do so up to the time of delivery, but this may involve costs. The amount of these costs depends on the stage of production the furniture is currently in. Products that have been specially made for you (the Room108 armchairs, loveseats, sofas, corner sofas, sectional sofas, dining room chairs, tables, bar stools, ottomans, beds and custom-made carpets) cannot be returned or exchanged.

Is it possible for you to take the old sofa with you?

It is not possible to have the old sofa / other furniture picked up by us.


How does the payment work?

All our furniture is specially produced for our customers and often consists of semi-custom products. We usually ask for a down payment for this. The remaining amount must be paid upon delivery of your furniture(s). This can be done in the following ways:

  • per pin (pay attention to the daily limit of your card)
  • in advance by bank transfer (up to 3 working days before delivery)
  • in advance at the relevant point of sale (up to 3 working days before delivery)

If you place an online order, full payment applies immediately. Please note: no cash payments are accepted at the delivery/delivery.

Is it possible to pay in installments or afterwards?

This is not possible. We usually ask for a down payment when placing the order. The remaining amount must be paid upon delivery of your furniture(s). If you place an online order, full payment applies immediately.

What payment options are there in the showrooms?

In the points of sale it is possible to pay in cash or by debit card.

What payment options are there in the webshop?

Online we use the following payment options:

  • iDeal
  • Maestro
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Bancontact/MisterCash
  • GiroPay

Please note: online payment applies immediately in full.

Do the prices include VAT?

The prices on the website and in the shop include VAT.

warranty & service

Standard warranty conditions in accordance with CBW

All our furniture is carefully inspected, which reduces the risk of errors. Does it happen that the product shows a defect? Then you can use our CBW guarantee, provided the point of sale is a CBW-approved store. CBW-approved stores offer a product warranty. The warranty for this is 2 years. In the event of a valid warranty claim, within 2 years of purchase, the full cost of repair or replacement will be reimbursed. To submit a warranty claim, please contact the point of sale where you bought your furniture(s). Is the point of sale where you bought your furniture(s) not a CBW-approved store? Then consult the website or the conditions of the relevant point of sale.

Extra extended 108% SAFE warranty

If you want extra security, you can opt for 108% SAFE. You take out this when you purchase your seating furniture in one of our points of sale. With 108% SAFE you have a 5-year full stain warranty, a 5-year extended product warranty and a 10-year warranty on the frame and construction. After delivery of your seating furniture, you will receive a 108% SAFE certificate as your proof of warranty, including the end date of the warranty, service and maintenance package.

Complaint or service notification

Do you have a complaint or service report about a current order, purchasing process, product or delivery and have you made a purchase at Room108 Amsterdam, Eindhoven or Rotterdam? To do this, fill this in service form in. Did you make the purchase at another point of sale? Please contact the point of sale to report the complaint. Complaints or service reports always go through us points of sale (with the exception of Room108 Amsterdam, Eindhoven or Rotterdam). The reason for this is that Room108 has dealer agreements with several points of sale. The sales points are themselves responsible for sales and service to customers. If you have taken out 108% SAFE, call the telephone number found on your 108% SAFE certificate. In that case you do not have to contact the point of sale yourself. Do you have a general message or feedback? Please let us know via this Contact Form.

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