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Atmospheric custom carpets in straight or round format

In our collection you will find straight carpets, round carpets, low-pile carpets and high-pile carpets. Our carpets have a luxurious appearance and are wonderfully soft. In short, a guaranteed attractive addition to your interior.

Atmosphere at home with a rug

With a rug or carpet in your home you bring a lot of atmosphere. It immediately gives a homely warm feeling to your living room, bedroom or children's room. Whatever rug you are looking for, we have rugs for every living style. Always make sure you measure the room in which you want to lay your rug beforehand. For example, a rug that is too large can make your space look a lot smaller, and a rug that is too small can make the room in your home feel unfinished.

Different types of rugs

There is a lot of choice in what kind of carpets you can buy. For a cozy cozy feeling, go for a deep-pile carpet or fluffy rug, which also provides extra comfort and fits nicely in a rural interior. A short-pile rug gives a sleeker look. Ideal for a modern interior, for example. Of course there are all kinds of colors, beige rugs, taupe rugs, black rugs or pink rugs. Very hip for a small extra sitting area with, for example, an armchair are round rugs, this gives a playful look.

Buy your custom carpet at Room108 

At Room108 you can have a custom rug made. This way it always fits in your home and the room where it should be. From a round rug to, for example, a rug of 300×400 cm. So there are a lot of possibilities. If you are unable to come up with a solution in terms of size or material, ask one of our showrooms for advice. There are various examples of carpets in our stores, but our stylists are happy to think along with you about what fits in your interior.