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Luxurious box spring beds

Room108's box spring beds can be assembled completely to your own liking, with an electric or flat base and a wide variety of sizes, designs and lying comfort. Moreover, the box springs are available in all fabrics from the Room108 fabric collection! Are you going for a free trial night on one of our beds at the Stadsvilla in Tilburg soon? This way you can experience for yourself how nice and comfortable our hotel box spring beds lie and sleep.

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Put together your ideal bed for a wonderful night's sleep

A good night's sleep is vital, so the choice of your bed is also important. In the Room108 box springs, which you can put together completely according to your wishes, you lie on a cloud of luxury and comfort every night. A box spring is ideal for every type of sleeper, because you can choose the mattress separately from the bed base. In addition, a box spring provides extra support, good ventilation and the high entry makes it easy to get in and out of bed. The advantages of a box spring and the wide choice make this the perfect choice for your bedroom!

Putting together a custom box spring

You can put together your Room108 box spring yourself thanks to the wide choice of dimensions, lying comforts, materials, colors and other options. You can choose from a flat or electric base, choose the desired headboard and footboard including finish, the suitable size, the comfort of the mattress and you can choose your favorite material and color from the entire Room108 fabric collection. View our collection or visit one of our home furnishing stores and discover what is possible for a wonderful night's sleep.

What is a box spring?

A box spring consists of a box (the bed base), the mattress and the topper. The box is a lined container containing a frame with legs and a core of pocket springs or Bonell springs. At Room108 all box spring beds have pocket springs. On top of that comes the mattress. A mattress is available in different hardnesses and in a number of pocket springs. At Room108 you always buy beds with at least a 500 pocket spring mattress. This way we can guarantee ultimate sleeping comfort! On top of the mattress is a topper or mattress topper. This is a thin mattress of 5 to 20 cm thick, which increases comfort. Before purchasing a box spring, always ask a luxury home store such as Room108 or a bed specialist store for information. Are you curious why you should buy a Room108 box spring?

Which box spring do you choose?

There is so much choice with the box springs from Room108! They always come with a matching headboard at the head of the bed. But in the same style you can also opt for a footboard or a sofa bed. And did you know that we also have a box spring with storage space in a matching blanket box? Do you opt for a French bed of 140 × 200 or a large king-size bed of 200 × 200?

Test sleep on a hotel box spring 

You can use the hotel box spring beds of Room108 free trial sleep in a hotel. For this you can go to the Stadsvilla in Tilburg.

Buy box spring or hotel box spring bed 

Get information in one of our showrooms before you buy a box spring bed.

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