At Room108 you put together your own seating furniture, which means that you also choose the fabric and color in which you want your new furniture. Quite a difficult choice with more than 700 different fabrics and colors in the range! That's why there is the Room108 sample kit: a box containing our ten most popular fabrics, so that you can see at home which fabric best suits your interior!

SAMPLE KIT NATURAL BASICS: 10 light, neutral colors
€ 9,95

SAMPLE KIT WARM GRAY: 10 warm gray tones
€ 9,95

COMBINATION SAMPLE KIT: 20 fabric samples from both sample kits
€ 14,95

Please note: fabric samples can always differ from your ultimately delivered furniture. Room108 is not liable for this (slight) color deviation.

Box with fabric samples in it


And view your favorite fabrics at home


Why should I request a sample kit?
Choosing a fabric and color is sometimes quite difficult. And especially when you can choose from more than 700 different options! We have already made the first selection for you with our sample kit: we will send you 10 fabric samples. You can view these samples at home, because sometimes fabrics and colors look very different in your living room than in one of our stores. And so you know exactly whether your new sofa fits perfectly with the rest of your interior!

Can I choose which fabric samples I receive at home?
Because we have such an extensive range of fabrics and colors, it is not possible to choose the samples yourself. We have designed two sample kits containing our ten most popular fabrics. These are the fabrics that our sofas have been ordered in most often in recent years. We thought that was a good starting point for you 😉 We have also ensured that a mix of different fabric categories is represented in the sample kits.

What is the difference between the two sample kits?
We assume that you already have a general idea of your new bank. For us this means: will it be a light or darker sofa? That is why we have a sample kit WARM GRAYS with 10 different gray fabrics, and a sample kit NATURAL BASICS with 10 different shades of beige. Would you rather have a combination of both? Which can. We'll just put 20 samples in your box 😉

What do I have to pay for the sample kit?
A sample kit costs €9.95. This includes the shipping costs of the sample kit. If you want a combination sample kit with 20 samples, you pay €14.95. If you subsequently purchase a Room108 seating unit from one of our sales points, we will of course deduct the costs of the sample kit from your invoice. This way you can be sure of your fabric choice and the samples will not cost you anything.

Why do I have to pay for the sample kit?
The production of these sample kits naturally involves a lot of costs and we attach great importance to sustainability. By charging a fee for a sample kit, we strive to ensure that our samples reach people who are really interested in them. And because we do not want you, as a customer, to pay the costs, we simply deduct this amount from your invoice when you order seating furniture from us.

Why can there be a color difference between my received samples and an upholstered piece of furniture in the same fabric?
No matter how annoying, there may be a color deviation between the fabric samples from the sample kit and the ultimately produced furniture. This has everything to do with the dye bath in which the fabric is colored. The fabric samples were made at a different time than your furniture and therefore there is a chance of a slightly different dye bath. We are therefore not liable for this (slight) color deviation.