The fabric and leather collection consists of a very large selection of types and colors. There are over 700 different options in total. So you can completely match your furniture to your living style. It is also possible to choose your armchair, loveseat, sofa or corner sofa in the same upholstery and color as your dining room chairs. So the perfect match is made in no time! You can view and compare all fabric and leather samples in our showrooms. As you can see below, the selection is very wide. Hence, you will always find an upholstery to your liking with us!

*The fabric samples as shown here may differ slightly from reality and the display may differ slightly per screen. You are very welcome in our showrooms to view the actual fabric samples.





Adore Anthracite 67

Room108 fabric Adore Clay 84

Adore Clay 84

Adore Coffee 81

Adore Cognac 28

Adore Copper 126

Adore Darkgrey 68

Adore Dolphin 180

Adore Forest 162

Adore Hazel 96

Adore Hunter 156

Adore Indigo 90

Adore Latte 211

Adore Latte 211

Adore Natural 01

Adore Sand 03

Adore Sand 03

Adore Wood 108

Adore Wood 108

Alpine Brown 15

Alpine Dark Brown 18

Alpine Grey 65

Alpine Ivory 101

Alpine Naturel 01

Alpine Onyx 169

Alpine Steel 149

Angola 02

Angola 03

Angola 08

Angola 09

Angola 10

Angola 12

Angola 13

Angola 14

Ascot Champagne


Ascot Graphite


Ascot Nata


Ascot Pearl

Ascot Toffee

Be Lovely Beige 170

Be Lovely Cream 11

Be Lovely Grey 45

Be Lovely Ivory 03

Be Lovely Mouse 710

Be Lovely Nature 01

Be Lovely Olive 75

Be Lovely Papyrus 07

Be Lovely Rosewood 1670

Be Lovely Sahara 13

Be Lovely Silver 121

Be Lovely White 02

Bloq Anthracite 67

Bloq Beige 05

Bloq Brown 15

Bloq Darkblue 48

Bloq Eucalyptus 193

Bloq Forest 162

Bloq Grey 65

Bloq Lightgrey 60

Bloq Liver 10

Bloq Steel 149

Bloq Taupe 12

Bloq Wood 108

Bloq Zinc 167

Bodega Forest 162

Bodega Grey 65

Bodega Hazel 96

Bodega Naturel 01

Bodega Navy 49

Bodega Shitake 124

Bodega Steel 149

Bodega Taupe 12


Boston Cement


Boston Lightgrey


Boston Ocean


Boston Toffee

Boston Watergreen.jpg

Boston Water Green

Bull Almond 82

Bull Anthracite 67

Bull Brandy 127

Bull Brown 15

Bull Camel 09

Bull Caramel 16

Bull Darkblue 48