The price structure of the fabric and leather types of Room108

Our upholstered furniture such as armchairs, sofas, corner sofas and dining chairs are available in more than 700 options in fabric and leather. In this way, our furniture is accessible to a broad target group with a diverse budget.

Each type of fabric or leather has its own price (per metre), which is why we have divided all materials into price categories. We are happy to explain how this format works!

Substance categories

In fabric category A you will find the cheapest fabrics and in fabric category G the most luxurious fabrics. The classification of the fabric categories is not based on the strength/quality of the fabric. All our fabrics have been tested for wear resistance and have more than passed these tests.

An economical fabric is created by the combination of a cheap raw material and a simple production process. These inexpensive synthetic basic fabrics are mainly found in fabric categories A and B.

The more luxurious fabrics require more expensive raw materials and a more intensive production process. These fabrics are therefore not necessarily stronger, but they do have the richest appearance. These fabrics consist of cotton and linen, for example, and you will mainly find them in fabric categories E, F and G. In addition, these most luxurious categories also contain different types of eco-leather.

In dust categories C and D you will find a combination of the above classification. These categories mainly contain the more luxurious polyester fabrics and fabrics made from more affordable natural materials. In combination with all colors that are possible per fabric, we offer more than 700 options.

Learning categories

In addition to different fabrics, a large part of our furniture is also available in luxurious leathers. Our leather collection is also divided into price groups. The prices of the leather types are divided into leather category 1 up to and including leather category 5.

With this subdivision, the price is again not a direct indication of the quality of the leather. Leather category 1 contains leather types that have undergone little processing and are therefore more favorably priced.

The leather types in leather category 5 have undergone a very intensive processing process and are therefore priced higher. Moreover, we offer all types of leather in different colors, so that there is also a wide choice here.

Price structure

Since there are so many different options, it is almost impossible to list all prices. That is why we use 'from prices' on our website. These are the prices for which the arrangement shown is available in fabric category A. The larger the sofa, the more meters of fabric are needed to produce the sofa in question.

In short: the difference in price between fabric category A and fabric category F is much smaller on a dining room chair than on a very large corner sofa.

The starting price is therefore always the price at which the version of the furniture shown, in the cheapest fabric, is available. If you opt for the same sofa, made in a higher fabric category or a luxury type of leather, the final price of the sofa will therefore be higher. Of course, the sales advisors in our stores can give you appropriate advice when making a choice.