We completely get into the holiday mood when we take a peek inside this beautiful holiday villa on sunny Curaçao. Who knows, this may be your next holiday destination!

Sofa opposite television in holiday home


On beautiful Curaçao, a lovely villa has been transformed into Stephan's luxurious holiday home. A beautiful place with unobstructed views and always a breeze blowing through. “We turned it into a nice luxurious place where we like to stay when we are on Curaçao, but when we are not there ourselves we offer the house as a holiday villa. After all, beautiful things are there for sharing!”, Stephan proudly tells about his home.


“Because the house is located on Curaçao, where the weather is almost always nice, I wanted to create a light, 'beachy' vibe that still feels warm and luxurious. A sofa is one of the most determining factors in this and the sofa we have chosen has it all. Corner sofa Claire looks nice, light and airy, but at the same time the sofa radiates warmth, security and luxury!” And of course we can only agree to that.


Stephan bought corner sofa Claire at Room108 Amsterdam. So in the Netherlands, just like the rest of the complete household effects. “Then everything was transported to Curaçao by boat. You have to be patient for a month, but then it's a present to unpack all those beautiful things you've collected on the other side of the world," Stephan says about the transport of all the new furniture. The choice for corner sofa Claire was easily made by the way. “I was looking for a modular sofa in order to make the best use of the space. In my online search Room108 came up and I already saw online that there was a good chance we would succeed there. Once inside the store, we were immediately sold. The sofa was wonderful to sit on, had a luxurious look and most importantly: we could choose the arrangement exactly the way it would fully utilize the designated living corner space. Not too big, not too small, just perfect. We were also surprised by the price, in a positive sense, that is.”


We are very pleased to see that our sofa is so popular even on Curaçao and that it comes into its own in such a luxurious villa. Would you like to see this sofa in real life, or just enjoy a wonderful holiday on Curaçao? You can book a holiday to Villa Bon Vista through www.villabonvista.nl.

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