We are taking a look inside the house of Manon, known as wallpaper and color specialist @stylingbymanonb. She lives with her boyfriend Ryan and their two dogs in Zeeland, North Brabant.

Peek inside Manon's chic interior

Manon shares about her beautiful home. “We bought this house five years ago and have put a lot of effort into it. The living room and hallway have been completely renovated. We had underfloor heating and a new floor installed everywhere and everything has been plastered, wallpapered and painted. We also put a cinewall into the living room and a steel door towards the hallway. The kitchen was still fine so we only gave that a lick of paint.”

But that's not all, apart from the lovely layout, the house has also been very warmly and attractively decorated. “Every week I am busy with styling our house. Using the same accessories I give the interior a different look every time by rearranging things differently. That gives me so much peace and relaxation and I really enjoy doing it.”

Beige sofa with moldings and wallpaper on the wall
Wallpaper with black and gold accessories

A light sofa thanks to the stain warranty

“Our beautiful and nice sofa comes from Room108 in Eindhoven . We were helped very well and the sofa is even more beautiful than I expected. The color and fabric match so well with all the colors in the house!” At Manon's house, the Elena shines away being upholstered with Silent Natural 01 fabric. “Despite the fact that we have two dogs, I wanted a light shade. It looks so glamorous! And with the 5-year stain warranty, I definitely dared to.”

“We often get the question where the sofa is from, it really is the eye catcher of our living room. The room is not super large so proportionally it's really a mega sofa. That's also what I find important in an interior: work with large elements and it will all look a lot bigger!”

Interior with large beige sofa and accessories

Wallpaper queen

Manon is trained as an interior stylist and decorative painter. “My heart really lies with wallpaper and that's why I took the step to combine color consulting with the processing of it. It started out as a part-time job but for two years it's my full-time job. I really enjoy it, especially the combination of giving advice and the wallpapering and getting credit from my work”. Manon's feeling for wallpaper totally reflects in her own interior. What a beauty!

beige sofa with decorative cushions and side table
black dresser against wall with photo
mirrors on wall with wallpaper

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  1. Nel Bruijnzeel zegt:

    Good morning, what a beautifully decorated home! Which wallpaper is used on the right small photo? It looks like a hall with a side table and two mirrors. Very curious and thanks in advance!

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