Now that summer is getting closer, the holiday jitters strike again. Going on holiday is anything but obvious in this time, so this is the time to create the holiday feeling in your own home! This Luxury Loft set with rattan, neutral colors and pastel shades gives your interior the ultimate relaxed atmosphere. Wondering how to bring this summer vibe into your interior? We tell you all about it!

The best combinations with rattan items and neutral colours

Do you have a rural, industrial or a very modern interior? Top! Rattan fits into every living style. In the summer, rattan items provide a relaxed beach feeling and in the winter they add warmth to your interior. In short: rattan is a real mood maker.

In this Luxury Loft set we show you how to combine rattan with an industrial living style. The neutral colors of the rattan hanging lamps and other accessories go well with the teak furniture Gusj. The beautiful coffee tables and the side table for over the sofa are made of recycled teak wood with black frames. This black color is also reflected in the frames of the imposing windows.

A lot of sunlight enters through the large windows three seater sofa Carmen in pastel tint is well accentuated. The braided carpet ensures that the various pieces of furniture form a unity. In addition, rattan and dried flowers are one match made in heaven. Place the dried flowers in a beautiful vase, hang them in a frame on the wall or go for large plumes in a woven basket. The decorative cushions and plaid in light colors complete the styling.

Three seater sofa Carmen

The light colors of wood and rattan lend themselves perfectly to combining with fresh pastel shades such as the color of the Carmen sofa. Three seater sofa Carmen is combined in this set with a footstool that can be used as an extra seat, side table and footstool. Both the sofa and the ottoman are made of fabric Mine and the color Eucalyptus. This fresh color in combination with the wonderful seating comfort makes the Carmen sofa perfect for this summery interior. The sofa on high legs has, just like the rattan and wooden items in this set, an open character. This preserves the spaciousness of the Luxury Loft style. Ready to furnish your holiday home?

couch Carmen slanted
three-seater sofa Carmen with footstool

In the picture: Three seater sofa Carmen

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