The dining table is often a central point in the interior to sit and dine together. It is therefore useful to practically design this important place in your home. A rectangular table with six chairs is often chosen, but a round, oval or square table might suit your interior better. Find out in this article!

Dining tables come in all kinds of shapes: rectangular, oval, square and round. Which table suits you best depends on your family situation and the size of the room in which you want to place the dining table.

Advantages and disadvantages rectangular dining table

We see the rectangular dining table most often in different interiors. An advantage of this is that you have a lot of space for things on the table. Do you like to decorate your dining table with a beautiful vase or with a large tray with various home accessories on it? Then the rectangular dining table is suitable for that. This table is also suitable for cozy dinners and for a large family. A teenager can do his homework, children can play at the table and parents can do their administration. So when buying the right dining table, think about user-friendliness. A disadvantage of this table is that children can hurt themselves on the corners. This table also takes up the most space.

Advantages and disadvantages square dining table

A square dining table saves space. It is ideal for smaller spaces and does not protrude into the living room. Because you can slide the table against the wall, you have more space. With a square dining table it is easy to create a cozy dining area. So choose this table if you have a smaller space with a small household. A disadvantage is that the square dining table is wide. This makes it difficult for a family to play a board game, for example, because everyone is a bit further apart. You can also move fewer chairs at a square table than at the oval, rectangular and round dining tables.

Advantages and disadvantages round dining table

Opinions are divided about the round dining table. One finds it space-saving and the other thinks it takes up space. This can be both an advantage and a disadvantage because you may want it to be a large object in space. At a round dining table, everyone sits comfortably next to each other, so that the table occupies a central place. Conversations can be kept central and all items on the table are at hand for everyone. So you no longer have to pass on pots and pans to your neighbor. Moreover, a round dining table has no sharp corners that you can hurt yourself on. A disadvantage of this table is that you cannot extend it nicely with a second table if you have more people in the house. In addition, this table is less suitable for narrow spaces and the table cannot be placed against the wall.

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