The City Chic look is inspired by the style and design of luxury penthouses. This urban atmosphere with a chic touch is created with neutral colors, soft fabrics and rich materials as a basis. But what really typifies this living style is a statement piece. The statement piece in this set is the Annabelle triple lazy: a unique arrangement of this popular model thanks to no fewer than three long chairs! Are you a real lover of lounging? Then this couch will make you very happy 😉

Statement piece corner sofa Annabelle triple lazy

Triple enjoyment with this statement piece

By connecting three long chairs from the Annabelle model, one large sofa is created for extensive enjoyment. You can choose to give a nice twist to this arrangement by adding the element in between. You can decorate this element nicely with a tray and accessories, but it is also perfect to put your snack and drink on. The Annabelle triple lazy lounge sofa is therefore perfect for a cinema room or to turn your living room into a spacious relaxation area. In any case, enjoyment is guaranteed!

The City Chic look prefers a number of large pieces of furniture instead of several small ones. That is why the Annabelle triple lazy and a large Room108 carpet were chosen. The emphasis is on the textures of the materials used. Annabelle triple lazy is made here in fabric Silent and color Natural. The Room108 carpet in this set is Landro Mix 22. The combination of these high-quality materials and neutral colors is completely in line with the City Chic living style.

Neutral nuances and a touch of luxury

The interior is sleek and elegant, but calm, because modest colors are used. These are neutral nuances such as black, white, gray and beige. These colors give your interior a relaxed atmosphere. To complete the chic style, a touch of luxury should not be missing. Chrome, steel, velvet, mirrors and golden accessories give this spark of luxury, making the City Chic style complete! In the picture: Lounge sofa Annabelle triple lazy, Made-to-measure carpet Landro color 22