The ultimate color combination for the City Chic living style is without a doubt: green with gold. This combination is lively and chic at the same time, allowing you to create an incredibly stylish interior. The trick is to use the right items and materials. We are happy to help you on your way to applying a green and gold interior!

Green and gold interior with sofa and footstool Jolie

Green and gold: the color combination for a City Chic interior

You often encounter the color green in forests, meadows and parks. This color therefore gives a feeling of relaxation. Gold is associated with luxury and wealth due to its sparkling and warm appearance. Use green for the large elements such as the wall and the sofa and use gold as an accent color. In this set, the coffee table set, the wall decoration, the hanging lamps, the tea light holders and the carpet provide the golden touch. Of course, a large green houseplant should not be missing! By putting together furniture and home accessories in green and gold, you can create a relaxed and luxurious interior.

Three-seater sofa Jolie

Not only the perfect color combination of green and gold, but also the right materials ensure a chic look. Three-seater Jolie sofa Adore Hunter is a beautiful velvet sofa with double back cushions and matching footstool. The deep green color of the sofa contrasts nicely with the Room108 custom carpet Marino in color 69. Just like the velvet sofa, this high-pile carpet has a beautiful shine that makes it completely match the City Chic style!