Gold is a stylish color that looks very chic in combination with a dark color. Naturally, the trend color deep blue is again very suitable to combine with this. In this set we chose to paint the entire wall in a deep blue color. The paneling on the wall enhances the chic effect that fits perfectly with the Glam rock theme.

Corner sofa Elise Bull Almond

Corner sofa Elise with gold and deep blue

By working with the main colors of gold and deep blue, the rest remains calm and the accent is placed on the beautiful corner sofa Elise. In this set, corner sofa Elise is made of eco-leather Bull and color Almond. Thanks to the eco-leather of the corner sofa, it fits perfectly between the rich materials used for this set. We have opted for a spacious corner sofa with hocker, but any desired arrangement is of course possible. This also applies to the material and color. How does the Elise look in a different setting? You see it in our previous UrbanNature set and on the blog of none other than House cap. Thanks to the soft and thick layer of the filling, the Elise has a wonderful seating comfort. Once you are settled on this sofa, the temptation to get up becomes very great. In addition, the material ensures that the cushions retain their shape in the long term. So you will certainly enjoy it for a long time!

A touch of gold

Gold can and can be used in your interior in all kinds of ways: in the lighting, the frame of the mirror, the side table, the tabletop, the decorative cushions and other accessories. We do like a touch of gold! By also choosing luxurious materials for the accessories, such as the glossy and velvet decorative cushions and the down plaid, you accentuate this chic feeling. So gold is really a feast for the eyes 😉