In the Royal Color style we like to show off with color. Pink is often used as an accent color but with a little guts you can also turn it into the main color of your new pink interior. With these tips for making the right combinations, your interior will soon feel like a stylish pink cloud!

Pink interior with teddy lounge sofa Adele

A pink interior, how to apply it?

There are a lot of different shades of pink, so it starts with making the right choice for your interior. A deep shade of pink makes your pink interior very attractive and combines well with other pink shades such as soft pink. Use the most calm tones for big items such as the wall, the curtain and the carpet. In addition, you can play with color nuances that are between deep and soft pink. This is best done with smaller items such as the home accessories on the table, the art on the wall, and the decorative pillows on the couch. Pink is often seen as sweet and romantic, but also as daring and stylish. To enhance the stylish character of the color pink, we combine it with gold. The golden details in the coffee tables and side tables are subtle, but the golden lamps and palm trees immediately catch the eye. Next to gold, warm materials such as wood, velvet and teddy can also very well be combined with pink. These materials create a homey feel and are totally on trend.

Combining pink with the teddy trend

At first you would see the teddy trend in small furniture such as armchairs, but now it can be seen more and more often in sofas or large corner sofas. In this set you see lounge sofa Adele upholstered with the cuddly fabric Alpine Ivory. Due to the natural color, the sofa fits very well in the pink set. In addition, lounge sofa Adèle is a good match with the carpet Marino in color 42 thanks to the round shapes and the soft material. Pink and teddy are therefore the perfect combination for both a romantic and stylish pink interior! In the picture: Lounge sofa Adele, Carpet Marino 42