We take a look inside the beautiful interior of Carlo and Claudia, who recently moved into their own new-build home in Helmond. Together with Jaantje from Room108 Eindhoven, they mapped out the entire ground floor from a 3D design. And what a picture it turned out!



“We did not opt for a standard layout,” says Carlo. “We have created separate areas: a dining area, a cooking area and a lounge area. By placing the kitchen in the middle of the house, we are always cooking in the heart of the house and you can sit and enjoy a glass of wine at the bar." With Italian cuisine as a specialty, the open kitchen comes into its own. “When the children and their supporters are there, there are 13 of us and we have enough space to sit with the whole family. That's exactly what we wanted.”

“Our previous house was a bit on the small side, with nowhere to go,” Claudia continues. “Now that we have our own new-build house, we could furnish it from scratch ourselves.” And it shows! Everything in the house is new. The style from downstairs has been extended throughout the house to create peace and unity. You can see that every detail has been thought about. From the cupboard door that is incorporated into the wall to the oven that is placed on the side of the kitchen and the beautiful light frame around the ceiling. “But the furniture and styling really completed the picture,” continues Claudia.


“We decided on the layout of the house ourselves, because we already had ideas about this,” says Carlo. “Well, Carlo especially had a lot of ideas about this; he is the creative one of the two of us,” says Claudia, laughing. Carlo: “But Jaantje's help was especially welcome with the furniture and styling. We continued to think in too small a box.” Someone who sees the big picture and matches everything together is very nice.

Carlo and Claudia were looking for a quiet interior with natural tones and materials that exudes real comfort. Together with Jaantje they arrived at an Amalfi Chic style in which the furniture, fabrics and colors have also been selected. After the final finishing touches at home, the accessories have made it a whole.


Stylist Jaantje van Room108 Eindhoven talks about her choices and advice for the interior and styling: “Carlo and Claudia specifically visited our store with the aim of finding new furniture for their new-build home. The biggest starting point was that it should not be a standard home, so it could be different. That made it extra fun, because I could think more creatively! We first walked around our showroom together, and Carlo and Claudia quickly knew what they liked and didn't like. The choices for the sofa, armchair and dining room chairs were made quickly, so we also discussed the preferences for fabrics and colors. After that I could go all out with the 3D plan. I gave advice on the arrangement of the furniture and selected fabrics and colors that fit perfectly together and of course also matched the principles that I had been given. Because it involved an entire room, a 3D drawing was very suitable. This allowed me to visually show the overall picture, which made it even more realistic. Now that the project has been completed, it is extra fun to review the steps; from the first ideas to the final delivery after styling with the accessories.”


We were curious how Carlo and Claudia started their search for a new interior. They told us that they first started looking online for home furnishings stores in Eindhoven and quickly came across Room108. “When we entered the store we were immediately enthusiastic. Everything ran so smoothly. We then also heard that friends of ours bought a table and a sofa at Room108, which they were very happy with. That also says a lot.” Both Carlo and Claudia believe they made the right choice. “We have been told several times that our house could have come straight from VT Wonen.”

“My favorite place is definitely the sofa with my armchair. We like them so much! The sitting area is our relaxation moment in the evening. We have nothing but positive things to say about it,” says Claudia. Bench Elena has been chosen in the fabric Lund (category E) in color Natural 01. For the armchair Sam has been chosen for the Adore fabric (category D) in the color Latte 211.

Wondering whether Carlo and Claudia are considering changing the interior again in the short term? Carlo was very clear about this: “Now that everything is in order, we will leave it as is. The overall picture is just right, so the ground floor is completely finished.”

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