We are visiting Nadine. You may recognize her from AFC Ajax where she plays soccer! Nadine has been living together with Jesse since November 2022.

Nadine Noordam, indoor viewer Room108 with corner sofa Joëlle in the fabric Guard Natural 01


Nadine tells us more about the house. “We received the key to the house in November, we then renovated the kitchen, bathroom and toilet. It is a somewhat older and therefore very atmospheric house. Jesse used to grow up on this street himself, so that is also very special.” The house is indeed very cool and authentic! “We also bought new furniture, and fell for the beautiful Room108 sofa Joelle ,” says Nadine. Corner sofa Joëlle in the fabric Guard Natural 01 really pops in the living room!


For the styling of the seating area Nadine and Jesse got advice from stylist Ineke from Room108 Rotterdam. “The sofa had already been selected by Nadine and Jesse themselves, so the items were matched to that. They saw the color wall in our store and that also fits here perfectly! Because gold and black match beautifully with this, I chose those for the accessories, such as the large round mirror behind the sofa. I deliberately advised a light shade rug so the whole doesn't become too dark. By placing a side table behind the sofa, you can store some cool accessories there,” says Ineke. “Ineke also made drawings in SketchUp, so we could get an idea of how things would turn out, super cool of course!” Nadine adds enthusiastically. “I also enjoy styling the interior since we moved in together, but getting advice was really nice. This way you get ideas that you wouldn't have come up with yourself. We like a modern but cozy atmosphere and in that we succeeded”.


“The main places in the house are the sofa and the dining area,” says Nadine. “We picked out our sofa at Room108 Amsterdam because of its comfort and appearance, the wider lounge area was a must. We are really happy we opted for sofa Joëlle, it is exactly what we were looking for! The dining area also had to become a nice place, to play a game and have a drink with visitors”. That worked out! In any case, we are very enthusiastic about the nice little corners at the home of Nadine and Jesse!

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