We are at home with Priscilla in beautiful Bergschenhoek. Here she, her boyfriend and two sons live in a beautiful house full of light and warmth!

Sand-colored corner sofa with light loveseat next to it, inside view interior


Priscilla's family has only been living in this house for a few months, yet it already looks tremendously homely. “Well, we have done a lot of work on the house!” Priscilla says. “Everything has been painted, there are new doors, new window coverings and we renovated the stairs. The garden still needs to be done, but the house itself is already completely to our taste.”


And then it was time for the furniture! “I saw a picture of this sofa passing by on Instagram. I immediately fell in love! Only, we opted for a different fabric and color, that suited us better!” Priscilla's living room features the gorgeousl corner sofa Gigi in MineShell which she bought at the brand store in Rotterdam. She is very satisfied with it and prefers sitting stretched out in the comfy corner of this sofa! “Room108 Rotterdam is a beautiful store, totally my style! It was all very non-binding, I didn't feel like I had to buy anything. That was very nice!”. In the end, in addition to the corner sofa, she also went out the door with loveseat Adèle . And that totally completes the seating area!


“We are very happy with the house and the living room is really to our liking. Sometimes I still like to change smaller items. A new vase or candlestick, for example,” Priscilla shares enthusiastically. You can tell she enjoys working on her interior. Her living style is cozy, neat and above all very warm. Despite the light colors! “I get my inspiration from Pinterest, Instagram, home furnishing stores and home improvement shows.”

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