We are allowed to take a peek inside Cindy's warm, luxurious home. She lives with her husband and two sons in Huissen. In the living room corner sofa and armchair Gigi are showing off.



We are getting a warm welcome in Huissen by Cindy, who enthusiastically tells us more about the house: “We received the keys to this house in 2012 and then spent 9 months renovating it. A lot has changed, everything was dark brown and outdated!” Cindy shows us old pictures of the house, it is a big difference indeed and has changed almost beyond recognition! Last year the house was also made more sustainable and on the ground floor the entire floor has been replaced with a beautiful new one. Everything is finished neatly and completely decorated and styled according to their own wishes.


“We come up with everything for the home, in that respect we make a good team together. We like things a little different by not completely following the trends. The base must above all be timeless, thus we knew right away no herringbone floor for us. I like to focus on interior decorating and stick to my own style in this. I try to find a nice balance in types of materials and colors,” Cindy says. The house is indeed a beautiful whole. The design style can be described as warm, modern and luxurious. When we ask about the interior's eye-catchers Cindy enthusiastically talks about her showpiece: “That is definitely the Bare Hug by Joseph Klibansky, my favorite artist. This was on my wish list for a long time, I got it as a birthday gift from my husband.” What a cool item this is! “Of course the sofa and armchair are also favorites, we really like sitting here,” Cindy adds.


Corner sofa and armchair Gigi match nicely in the interior. Cindy and her husband bought the sofa at Zen-Lifestyle. “I follow you on Instagramthat's where I discovered your brand and sofas. We then went to have a look a nearby point of sale. It had to be the Gigi sofa, it is a beautiful and nice sofa,” Cindy says, “We still had doubts between two different fabrics, so I went back to the store with one of my sons. He was the deciding factor for the fabric, Mine shell 196. He chose well, right!?” We agree with Cindy, the fabric fits very nicely into the decorating style of the home. “We might want to add an inbetween element, this would make the seating area even more beautiful.”

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