Round shapes are still very popular in modern interiors. So it was time to add a new model that fully fits this trend et voila: the Adele. A while ago we already introduced the Adèle as loveseat, but there's more!  

Sofa set Adèle with round shapes

The elegant Adèle sofa is also available as a two-seater sofa and as a three-seater sofa. The different versions of the Adèle are fantastic to combine with each other. If you have the space, you can create a beautiful set with the sofa, hocker and armchair. Do you have a small space? Then read on quickly, because we give you a number of tips to make a grand gesture with this small sofa!

Combine round shapes

A sofa with curves has a flexible character and is therefore easy to move in space. By combining the sofa with a round side table, a round rug and round ornaments, the room gets a playful and elegant look. The paneling on the wall provides a bit of contrast, making the round shapes stand out even more.

Go for big pillows

Despite the fact that the sofa is nice and compact, you should be able to relax on it. The (five!) large cushions included with this sofa are wonderful to sink into. By decorating them beautifully, decorative cushions are not necessarily necessary and you maintain peace in the small space.

Slide on a footstool for extra comfort

Would you like to hang out on the couch with your feet up or will you have visitors? Add the hocker Adèle! This round footstool does not need a fixed place and takes up little space. Moreover, the footstool is available in two different sizes. Ideal!

Choose the right color and texture

Do you want the sofa to stand out in the room? Then choose a striking or contrasting color or a special texture. In this set we chose the Adore Indigo. By working with mainly blue tones in this set, a calm whole is created. Do you also like the Adèle sofa, but do you want a completely different fabric or color? Which can! Our collection consists of more than 700 options in color and fabric, so the choice is huge! Curious how the Adèle looks in a different look? Then view the interior of Huizedop!

two-seater sofa Adele
two-seater sofa Adèle mood board
two-seater sofa Adele

In the picture: Two-seater sofa Adele

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