The color brown can no longer be ignored in the interior of this year and next year. Now you might think “Brown, isn't that super old-fashioned?”. That's right, but brown is back with a completely new and modern look. We'd love to show you how you can combine this natural color with other earth tones!

The ton sur ton trend with natural tones

Natural tones give a warm, familiar and comfortable feeling. Let that be exactly the feeling you prefer to get when you come home. In this Urban Nature set we have made a stylish combination of earth tones. These are perfect for the ton sur ton trend, in other words: tint on tint. By mixing different shades of the same color you create a calm and chic effect. It is important to apply contrast here. You do this by using a very dark and a very light shade within the color palette. In this set we have chosen the Annabelle corner sofa in the Reno fabric and Forest color that contrasts nicely with the light back wall of brick and cement residues. This also applies to the light rug with the dark coffee tables on it. Corner sofa Annabelle is here equipped with the new element in between.

When we talk about dark and light colors this year, we can be brief: brown is the new black and beige is the new grey. Whether chocolate brown, rust brown, sand, cashmere or copper, brown is a real trend color. Our stylist Joyce really likes to work with this color: "Trend color brown is firmness, tough and secure at the same time". Moreover, the color brown can be combined very well with other colours. Gold is such a color that goes very well with brown and at the same time is and remains a popular color. Fortunately, we have not completely forgotten about the colors black and gray, because they go very well with brown. By using accents of black and gray, you get a more robust effect. In this set we opted for black steel that is reflected in the coffee tables and the columns behind the Annabelle corner sofa.

Natural materials

Do you want to add even more variation in addition to the light-dark contrast? This can be done by using different materials. This set is ideal for natural materials, such as wood, pottery, clay and bamboo. Flowers and plants should certainly not be missing. As you can see, earth tones and natural materials are a perfect match. At this time of year there are plenty of earth tones and natural materials to be found outside and with our tips, you can also bring nature into your home!

In the picture: Corner sofa Annabelle in between and Made-to-measure carpet Cassio color 21 


  1. Kathleen Van de Woestijne zegt:

    Hello, do you also sell the wallpaper used in the photo with the brown sofa annabelle in between?
    Or can you tell me where to get it? Thanks in advance

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