Despite the fact that we had a long Indian summer, it is now really time to embrace autumn and to adjust your interior accordingly. We will tell you how to do this!

Autumn interior: corner sofa Carmen Room108

1. Choose warm colors and materials

An autumn interior. Where you may have opted for colorful items in your interior during summer, it is now time for typical autumn colors. Think of orange, brown or dark gray. Dark colors work wonders anyway when it comes to creating a cozy atmosphere and it really doesn't make things depressing at all! Certainly not if you choose (a combination of) dark colors with a warm undertone such as ocher yellow, moss green or burgundy red. And you're definitely in the right place when you go for soft fabrics. Velor or rib, for example, are a perfect finishing touch for your interior!

2. Lay down a rug

A rug or carpet is not only nice and warm on your feet, it also has a warm, atmospheric look and feel to it. With a high pile carpet or wool rug you add to that even more. From square and rectangular rugs to round or oval ones. And especially nice, at Room108 the carpets are tailor-made. So you choose the shape and size yourself! Match the color (shade) of your pillows with the rug, and you make a lovely whole of it!

3. Style it up!

A blanket or plaid, beautiful decorative cushions, a tray with scented sticks and candles. Autumn is the season to go big styling things up. Mix (autumn) colors and materials and think cosiness and warmth.

4. Light the candles

With today's energy costs, candles are not a superfluous luxury anyway. Next to them being a pretty picture, they also give off a nice amount of heat. Want to enjoy a candle like atmosphere but not interested in seeking out danger because of young kids or pets? These days there are also many beautiful LED candles available, almost indistinguishable from the real thing. But of course, they don't generate any heat! 😉