Teddy fabric is currently a real must-have in a modern interior. This wonderfully soft fabric is often used on chairs and armchairs, but can also be beautiful in a huge living area! We are happy to show you how to combine this cuddly trend at home. Do you dare? 😏 

corner sofa Elise square in a light teddy fabric

Corner sofa Elise Square in teddy fabric

We understand if you prefer to wrap your entire interior in this soft teddy fabric, but that might be a bit too enthusiastic. By choosing a large statement item in this soft fabric, you get pretty close. A large corner sofa such as our Elise square is perfect for this!

Neutral colors look best with soft fabrics like these. It gives your interior a soft and cozy look. The teddy fabric Alphine is available in various neutral colors, such as white, cream, gray and brown. Corner sofa Elise square is executed here in Alphine Natural. To maintain the soft atmosphere, home accessories in neutral tones are best.

Just like the corner sofa in teddy fabric, the fluffy Cassio 23 carpet is a real mood maker in your home. The soft materials of the carpet and the corner sofa go well together. Do you want to complete the relaxed vibe of the City Chic look? Then choose the accent color green in, for example, plants and small home accessories.

In the picture: Corner sofa Elise Square, Made-to-measure carpet Cassio 23