You finally found your dream sofa and it's in your house so time for the next step: styling the sofa. Besides it being a good reason to go interior shopping, styling really does finalize your sofa. Be your own interior stylist, we will help you with this!

Corner sofa Victoria, style like an interior stylist.

Styling the sofa like a true interior stylist

The sofa is one of the most comfortable places in the house. Of course your sofa must be comfortable to sit on, but the eye also wants something. With the right styling, your sofa will look completely on point in no time just like a real interior stylist would do.

Decorative pillows

One of the easiest ways to style your sofa is with decorative pillows. This really is a go-to for almost every interior stylist. Pillows come in all kinds of colors, materials, sizes and shapes. All these options are important for the right styling. Do you want to create a tone-on-tone look or should the decorative pillows really stand out? With tone-on-tone you first look at the sofa colors and then choose pillows in the same color range but in slightly different shades. Do you want your pillows to immediately catch the eye? Then opt for an accent color that you also use in other places in your sitting area. This can be done with the color gold, for example. After you have decided on the color, it is time for the pillow material. A tone-on-tone look is ideal for a mix & match of materials and patterns. A few basic patternless pillows make it easy to keep on varying. Place the large pillows in the back and the small ones in the front to create depth. In addition, it works well to combine square and rectangular pillows or even use round pillows.


A plaid is not only wonderful to snuggle into, it's also an enrichment for the styling of your sofa. Just like the decorative pillows, you can choose a tone-on-tone look or opt for a plaid that stands out by means of an accent color. A plaid is the ideal item for rich material. The softer the better. Think of velvet, teddy or a sheepskin for example. Drape the plaid over your sofa for a casual look or fold it into a narrow strip for a sleek result. A plaid is best placed over the armrest or the seating area of the sofa. You can slide the plaid just slightly under the decorative pillows or, for example, place it over a footstool.


Does your sofa have an open corner, in between element or a matching footstool? Then you can perfectly style this with a tray! Place a beautiful wind light or tea light holders on the tray for an attractive result. Are you having visitors? Then exchange the styling for a delicious bar bites platter and a drink!


A carpet makes the styling of your sofa and coffee table come together, turning it into a complete picture. Preferably choose a carpet on which both the sofa and the coffee table can stand. This way you can nicely demarcate the seating area which looks and feels very atmospheric. Moreover, a carpet is nice and warm under your feet! Hint: The Room108 carpets can all be made to measure so they'll perfectly fit your sofa. There is a wide choice of low-pile and high-pile carpets in various colors. Inquire at our showrooms or come by to design your own custom carpet! In the picture: Corner sofa Claire Crowdy

Coffee table

Just like the sofa, the coffee table is an important part of the seating area. Boost the sofa styling by matching it with the coffee table styling. For the coffee table styling, opt for home accessories with different heights and shapes in order to create dynamics. Here too, play with colors, shapes and materials and try to coordinate them with the sofa styling. Use a tray to collect the styling or style things in the shape of a triangle. Add color accents with flowers and make it atmospheric with candlelight. Hint: Create odd-numbered group, for example 3, 5 or 7. This way you achieve a lively effect and easily exchange items. Does your coffee table have multiple layers? Then place a plaid, magazines or a nice coffee table book on the bottom layer.

Side table

By moving the sofa slightly away from the wall, you have room for a nice side table behind the sofa. In other words: more room to style! Style it high on your side table so your beautiful items do not disappear behind the sofa. In addition, tall items provide a nice contrast to the wide shapes of the sofa and the carpet. Apply the odd numbers rule here as well and combine your side table styling with a beautiful wall accessory. With these styling tips for a DIY interior stylist, your dream sofa will come into its own in your interior!